Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Children of Cain

There is too much hate in the world and too many people think it’s just fine and dandy to kill another person. Why do we kill? Did we inherit this curse because of Cain? It’s a strange question considering that I don’t believe in the whole creation story as being based on fact. I believe they were stories that helped early mankind understand our evolutionary process.
While I believe in a GOD; a Creator who stirred the primordial soup to get the show on the road, I believe HE accomplished this task via science. I love the thought of a powerful and loving Spirit who allows miracles to unfold at a methodical pace.
But, because of evolution, we are left with a question that leaves us at a loss to explain. Why do we kill? Is the desire to hurt or kill another living thing inherited? Would we learn the answer from the bible stories? Why did Cain kill Abel?

To understand why the mythical Cain would kill his brother Abel, one needs to travel back to the creation story itself. Adam and Eve had everything they needed to survive without pain or worry. They were given free will and with that gift came the first command. “Don’t eat from the Tree of Knowledge.” According to the creation story, Lucifer was upset that God gave mere humans free will. Only the angels had free will, but maybe Lucifer could use this gift of free will to destroy the man and woman.
Did Lucifer take on the form of Adam to trick Eve into bearing his seed? This is a possibility and would explain why the Creator would not only banish the male and female, but also punish Lucifer. This would not be the first time we would hear of a god or goddess tricking a female or male human to mate with them. The Roman and Greek mythologies are full of this type of trickery.

Eve was faced with bearing and raising a son that did not belong to Adam. Cain had Lucifer’s DNA and also his temperament. Abel, on the other hand was from Adam’s seed? Would this child be more like his human parents? Would Adam favor the younger son who he knew carried his DNA? I can see this happening. The jealousy between the boys would have begun at a young age.

While Cain, according to the bible story, was a farmer; Able was a shepherd. There was enough land for both sons to live peacefully, but according to the story, God favored Abel. Why would God do that unless the sight of Cain was displeasing? Did God see the resemblance of his once beloved angel in Cain’s features? Cain was an outcast with both his family and the Creator. Cain had the blood of Lucifer running through his veins. I could see him looking at Abel and thinking that all his problems would vanish if his brother were dead. With Abel dead, Adam and God would be forced to accept him.
The bible story tells us that Abel was murdered by Cain. We know that Cain was made to roam the Earth after a mark was placed on his forehead as a warning that Cain was not to be harmed. If Cain carried the DNA of Lucifer, did he pass the “kill” gene onto his children; to us? Are we a combination of GOD and Devil? Or, is the act of murder in our genes because of evolution?

Richard Dawkins book, The Selfish Gene explains that a ‘selfish gene’ revolves around savage competition and ruthless exploitation while capable of acts of altruism. We needed that selfish gene to climb out of the swamps, but we also have a soul. Is the soul the counterbalance to the ‘kill’ gene?

If the soul is the only remaining connection we have with the Creator, then maybe, we can and will eventually overcome the selfish gene. Will we one day overcome the Cain legacy that was left to us? Will we stop the mindless killing? I hope so because my heart is heavy with all the hate in the world and...all the needless and brutal deaths.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Metaphysical Time Travel

We all have that one special person in our lives that had influenced us by their words and actions to be the best we could be. For me, my siblings and my cousins, it was our maternal grandmother, Maria Grazia Federico Chiusolo. My grandmother was a very spiritual woman and she also had strong psychic abilities that she passed down to all her grandchildren. She has been on my mind recently.
Grandmom was born in Benevento, Italy. She came to America at the start of World War 2 and it was a good thing because her home was bombed during the war. My grandfather was already living in Philadelphia and when Grandmom arrived in New York, she brought along her three children: Anna, Lucia and Mario. This is a photo of them as young children and long before they came to the States.

                           Aunt Anna, Uncle Mario and my mother, Lucy
They moved into a home on 7th and Ellsworth and there she and grandpop lived until her death sometime in the early 1960’s. Grandmom never spoke a word of English, but she understood me and, I understood her. She always had rosary beads in her hand. She was always praying for us...we were mischievous kids who also happened to be accident prone. We needed every single prayer to keep the Angel of Death at bay.

Like I mentioned at the start, Grandmom has been on my mind, lately. Maybe it’s because I am going to Italy this month. It’s the first time I’ve ever been out of the country and although I’ll be with a tour group, I’ll be by myself. That’s okay. I’m not afraid and in a way, I won’t be entirely alone. I have inherited my grandmother’s gift and I can see dead people. In fact, there are two ghosts that live in my house. They are my parents. Their names are Fred and Lucy. I told my parents that I’m bringing them with me on this trip. I also asked my grandmother to come with me. Maybe they can translate for me.
My sister Jane recently sent me copies of some important papers belonging to Grandmom. I studied the papers and the photos and after a few minutes, I was back in time. I must have been around nine years old and I watched as my grandmother sang an Italian song as she cooked the pasta on the stove. The door in her kitchen that led to the yard was open. It was a warm, sunny day. I watched the chickens pecking for food outside in the yard while grandpop cooked a steak on grill that he made from a metal can.  
Time and space are connected and maybe we don’t need a machine to travel back or forth in time. Maybe our minds, because we are connected to the Universal Collective, are able to make that jump. I did that jump today while looking at the old photos my sister Jane had sent me. You can try this technique, too. Find a photo of a special person who has passed away. Sit in a quiet room. Play some meditation music. Light up some incense. Hold the photo in your hand. Take deep breaths...think of your loved back to that moment in time when you were your happiest with them. Let me know if it works for you.