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Marie Gilbert, author of the Roof Oasis Series, is a multi-dimensional super-heroine with more adventures than a comic book museum, stuck in a grandmother’s body. Retired from the Academy of Natural Sciences, Marie finally has time for her first love: writing. She writes primarily paranormal and science fiction stories.

Her popular blog, Gilbert Curiosities, chronicles her adventures with her nine grandchildren, her ghost hunting investigations and her love of Steampunk and zombies. Marie is also a senior staff writer for the pop culture website Biff Bam Pop! at
www.biffbampopcom  and a contributing writer for Geekadelphia and Go Jane News at  You can check out her movie, books, and TV reviews on her Gilbert Speaks blog here.

Marie served as co-editor of the South Jersey Writers' Group short story anthology, Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey and her two stories, "Night of the Attack" and "Where Are You Zeppie?" appeared in the collection. Marie is published in Chicken Soup for the Soul October 2014 edition, Touched by an Angel with her true story, "Angel on the Footbridge"

I’ve always been told to write what you know! I write about my family, ghosts, zombies and aliens. Have I ever met an alien? Well…there are a few members of my family that I do wonder about, but basically I try to imagine what life forms might be found on other planets by researching the different life forms that exist in extreme conditions right here on earth.

Have I ever met a zombie? No, but I do have teenage grandchildren, nieces and nephews who seem to go brain dead as soon as they sit in front of their computers. I know it’s not the same, but when you’ve tried multiple times to get someone’s attention and they don’t see or hear you because they’re playing Assassins’ Creed; they’re zombies.

All kidding aside, I’ve done plenty of research on the subject and feel that a zombie apocalypse, complete with pesky little flesh eaters, is possible. In my apocalyptic series, Roof Oasis, the war on the human race takes place because a powerful man is able to use ancient prions in his biological warfare.

When it comes to ghost stories, I’m definitely writing about something I know. I’ve been seeing the dearly, and not so dearly, departed since I was a young child. Inheriting this trait from my grandmother and mother, I have a healthy supply of spooky material for my stories. I do professional ghost investigations so please check the page on this blog for more information if you need help. My memoir called Life with Fred and Lucy: Growing Up In South Philly will be out in June of 2018. My parents, Fred and Lucy were strict, Italian, Catholic and slightly dysfunctional, which made for one hell of a comedic environment for my siblings and me to grow up in. Maybe that's why we have such a good sense of humor. 

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