Friday, October 30, 2015

Miracles, Here and Now


Do you believe in miracles? What exactly are miracles and do you have to be Christian to witness one?
Definition of Miracle: an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human and natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause: a work of GOD; a wonder.
Origin: from the Latin miraculum “object of wonder”
Miracles do exist and they are experienced around the globe by many cultures and religions, so I’m sorry to break the news to all you Christians out there, but GOD doesn’t play favorites with HIS creations and miracles have been reported before the time of Christ.
There are people who don’t believe in miracles, or don’t understand the true meaning of the word. They rely entirely on what science tells them, which is kind of funny since I’ve always felt that science reveals the hidden miracles that surround our daily lives.
Although I have disconnected myself from organized religion in order to strengthen my connection to GOD, I not only believe in miracles, but have experienced a few during my lifetime. When you have psychic abilities, you are aware of so much that goes unseen or unnoticed in this hectic world.

The Christian will point to Jesus and his many miracles to defend their belief that miracles are real. The non-believer claims that Jesus’s miracles can be scientifically explained. Yeah, we know more about the world around us thanks to science, but science can’t explain how Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, or how he healed the blind.
Why don’t we see more miracles today?
Maybe, we’re looking in the wrong places. We are the miracles, along with everything that exists in the universe. When GOD gave the command “BE” the universe, planets, stars, and life itself, began to evolve all over the place. Earth at one time was a most uninhabitable place to be, but thanks to GOD, who is the original universal scientist, evolution happened and here we are! Now that’s what I call a miracle. The fact that we haven’t blown up this planet is another miracle.
Recently, this 2013 video was all over Facebook about a miraculous event that involved a horrendous accident that caused a young girl to be trapped in her car. The rescue workers were unable to cut her away from the wreckage. She was dying until she was saved by a stranger who prayed over her. The rescue workers claimed this mysterious man appeared from no where and, after the workers were able to finally free the girl, he was gone.

Now, the story was listed as a miracle and it should be. People working together to help each other is always a miracle, especially, since it is so easy to walk away. Later, a priest admitted to being that mysterious stranger. Why didn't he stay around? Why did he leave so quickly? Does this diminish the miracle of that girl surviving the accident?

No! A miracle is a miracle! But, maybe we should be honest on what a miracle is and, how often it occurs. We, and I am speaking about every woman, man, child, animal, plant, the earth, the planets, the stars; you get where I'm going, right? Everything that has been created from the beginning of time to whenever the Creator decides to close shop, are all connected by a universal force that is stronger than all of us put together. This force binds us together and when we look out for each other, care for each other, protect each other, miracles happen.

If you want to find angels, you don't need to look far. They are here with us. We need to stop hating each other long enough to see them. They watch over us, sure, but we have this thing called free will. It is a double-edged sword. The angels will step in when we allow them to, but most of the time; we don't.

We can make our own miracles happen, every day. We only need to care! Jesus cared, yeah he was the son of GOD, but he cared about us and, he did many miracles. So, here is my plan. Instead of looking for miracles, we are all going to make miracles happen. We can do it. We are part of the universal force.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Shadows of the Forest Indigogo Teaser


Shadows of the Forest Indigogo teaser A
Shadows of the Forest Indigogo teaser with actor Brandon Allentoff !
Posted by Chris Eilenstine on Saturday, October 24, 2015

Great News! Filming on Shadows of the Forest has begun and here is a teaser from Director Chris Eilenstine

Shadows of the Forest Indigogo teaser B
The latest Shadows of the Forest Indigogo teaser featuring---ugggh! me!please spread the word, we will be looking for donations for the film soon. Thank you.
Posted by Chris Eilenstine on Friday, October 30, 2015


Indidogo teaser with Nicolette Davis
A new teaser for our Shadows of the Forest INDIGOGO campaign featuring Nicolette Marie Davis. Donations for the film can be made starting November 26th- Thanksgiving Day.
Posted by Chris Eilenstine on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Shadows of the Forest


Keep your eyes open for information on the new film by Christopher Eilenstine. Shadows of the Forest is a horror fantasy and it's going to be different than anything you've seen before.

Fundraising will begin soon and updates will be coming as the filming continues

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Magical World of Bombshell Pinups

There is a little shop in Mount Holly, New Jersey that is quite fabulous and, when you step inside the shop, you are transferred into a world of photographic fantasy.


Mandy Little is the artist who creates pure magic with each photo session she does. Check out her website here for price listings and the large scenery and clothing selection.
Mandy did the photo shoot for my author photo for the back of my Roof Oasis Apocalyptic Series.
                Here are a few more samples of Mandy's work.


Husbands, you might want to schedule a sitting for your bride come the holidays or birthdays, anniversaries. Hell, make your wife happy and just schedule a sitting for her with Bombshell Pinups.  Tell Mandy that Steampunk Granny sent you.         
Bombshell Pinups at Mill Race Village, 33 White Street, Mount Holly, New Jersey

The Metaphysical Parasite


Medical description of a Parasite: organism that lives in another organism called the host. It is dependent on host for its survival- to live, grow and multiply. Although a parasite rarely kills its host, in some cases, it can occur. As the parasite gains strength from the host, the host begins to weaken.
Psychic explanation of a parasite: a person who lives off the kindness of others, often at the expense of their hosts.
There are several types of parasites:
Ectoparasite- lives on the surface of host like mites and lice.
Endoparasite- lives inside the host like heartworms, tapeworms and flatworms.
Epiparasite- this one feeds on another parasite, a relationship known as hyperparasitism. Think of a flea that has a parasite in its digestive tract.
Parasitoid- its larval development takes place in or on another organism. The host usually dies. Check this link for signs that you may have a parasite inside your body
The rest of this blog will be devoted to the human parasite. They are also known as emotional vampires. I’ve already posted a blog on how to protect yourself from these most dangerous of parasites, here.
The parasite may have or have not grown up in a loving and nurturing home. It really doesn’t matter as I feel that most human parasites are wired to be the way they are. They have the most worrisome of personality disorders; narcissism.
How would you recognize that you or your home has been infected by these organisms? Let’s first go over the symptoms that you, as a host, would suffer from if one or more of these parasites were attached to you:
1. Constant feelings of depression, anxiety, and physical weakness due to the constant bullshit that is heaved in your direction.

2. Your emotions are on a constant rollercoaster ride whenever the parasite is in your presence.

3. You find yourself binging on unhealthy foods.

4. Your comfortable lifestyle that you’ve worked hard on obtaining over many years, via a real job, is slowly disappearing as you find yourself constantly getting the parasite out of trouble that they themselves have caused.

5. You find yourself either: wanting to move far away from the parasite or planning on putting the parasite out of its misery, permanently. I would suggest moving to another state without leaving any forward address or phone number. If you kill the parasite, then you’ll only be sent to jail that is packed full with other parasites.

So, how does one become a parasite? Most parasites have this inflated ego where they not only assume that the world revolves around them, but that the world should pamper their every need. Why work when you can mooch from other people. Why take responsibility for your own survival when it’s so easy to blame others for your laziness? Why save up for our own place when you can suck the life from your elderly parents or your siblings?

One of my pet peeves is with the medical and pharmaceutical companies who have listed drug dependence as a sickness. It is, but I’ll be damned if you’re going to collect social security benefits if you’ve never paid into the system. The pharmaceutical companies don’t give a shit that they are creating a generation of users. Why should they? They are raking in the big money.

If there were a zombie apocalypse or major long term disaster, the parasites would find a way to live off the survivors...for a while anyway...until the situation got so bad that the survivors would feel the need to eliminate all parasites by feeding them to the zombies.

How not to become a parasite

1. Learn to take responsibility of yourself. Learn to accept the consequences when you fuck up.

2. Learn to take responsibility for yourself by getting a job and keeping it.

3. Grow up! The world does not owe you a blessed thing. Your parents don’t owe you anything once you’ve reached the age of 21.

4. Now, this is the hardest part, but it will set you on the road to personal success. Be a giver and not a taker.
For the victims of emotional parasites I have a suggestion. If you do need to move far away from your personal parasites, Cuba is offering great rates for Senior Citizens in their upcoming Senior Retirement Communities. The medications are almost free and it’s warm year-round. Plus, Cuba doesn't tolerate parasites.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Keeping Drama Out of Your Life

Drama: a composition in prose or verse presenting in dialogue or pantomime a story involving conflict or contrast of character on stage or play. I love this photo of Greta Garbo, an actress who did drama, royally.
Drama: Letting ego control our lives; allowing others to influence our lives by participating in situations that are better left alone. Translation: an event or situation that should only be wrangled with a ten-foot-pole, like the ones they use to snare a wild mountain lion or a dog with rabies.

Drama: is connected to negativity and I’ve already covered in an earlier post how one should protect one’s self from negative people. When we are around negative people, we lose some of our power. It is a dangerous and toxic form of entertainment. So why do we do it? Why do we allow ourselves to become involved in other people’s “Drama”? Are we bored? Do we feel obligated to help? Are we practicing for canonization into sainthood?
To Speak or not to Speak
We are not the Dali Lama, or the Pope, or Stephen Hawking. We don’t know everything! We certainly don’t know what’s in another person’s heart or mind. We’re not Judge Judy and since we’re not, it’s not our place to pass judgment on a situation that does not involve us. The only proper reply to give, when someone tries to drag you into an ongoing battle by asking your opinion is and, I’ve listed three:
1. “I don’t know what to say.”
2. “I don’t want to give an opinion or advice until I hear both sides of the story and, it’s been presented to the United Nations delegation.”
3. “I don’t know what to say.”
I’ve learned over my many lives (Yes, I feel that I’ve been here before in the role of teacher. And, I don’t care if you believe me because I’m not into drama) that the only people who will actually listen to your advice are people under the age of seven. After a person passes the age of seven, unless they’re grandchildren with whom you have a close relationship with, they basically don’t want your advice.

Now, if someone asks for your advice, you can hold up a poster board detailing a list of do’s and don’ts which I’m pretty sure would go over like a lead balloon, can tell the person asking for advice what you did when faced with a similar problem and, what the end results of your decision were. Then you keep quiet.
Survival Tips
We all have that one family member or friend that suffers from Royalty Syndrome. Princess Lena wants to know why the other subjects in her kingdom are keeping secrets from her, or Prince Froggy wants to know why he’s not invited to the pond for a fun night of beer and football games with the other frogs. They call you up and moan on and on about how they’re not understood or loved by all, but while they prattle on, your blood pressure is rising and you’re now feeling depressed. Negativity drains your power.

The World will not end if you can’t solve another person’s social ills. You can listen to your friend or family and be compassionate about their woes, but do not engage in their dramas: no advice; no gossip, and definitely, no interventions! We can’t save everyone.
When friends or family, over the age of seven, are fighting, you need to stay neutral and, this means in your words and your actions. I know nothing, I see nothing, I hear nothing.
Don’t take sides and don’t be manipulated because there are emotional vampires who feed on drama. They might not even be aware they are causing havoc in their circle of friends and family, but they are.
Learn to step back. It is not your battle. It’s not about you. Let the drama die a quiet death.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Perfect Day for a Steampunk Bohemian Bazaar


      Steampunk Granny with daughter and grandson
This October 11th, was the second annual Steampunk Granny’s Bohemian Bazaar. It was also the book launch for my second book in the Roof Oasis Series, Saving Solanda. I invited several of my friends who are authors, poets, publishers, crafters, psychics and spiritual healers to join me in making this an event to be remembered at The Treehouse Coffee Shop in Audubon, New Jersey. I think we may have succeeded.
                             Jean Ramalho's Happy Pet Crystals
The day was perfect, not too hot or cold. A few of the vendors set up their tables outside the coffee shop. The tables were diversified enough to satisfy the whims of all our shoppers. My friends Lee and Ralph even had their little Steampunk Works shop opened for the event.                                                    
                             Janet Lima's  The Button Elf
Tina and Randy have been so very generous to me in allowing me to promote other entrepreneurs by allowing us to use their coffee shop to sell our goodies.
You Rock, Tina and Randy!  The staff, that day, were so very accommodating to our many needs.
                     Christine Glinos the Henna Tattoo Artist
We had a young lady doing henna tattoos. We had two psychics doing Tarot and Angel card readings. I sold my books and told people about the next book in the series, Beware the Harvesters, which will be out in June of 2016. I sold twenty-five books on Sunday. Thank you everyone who purchased books from me.
                                    Mistress Rae setting up her table                      
Many family and friends showed up at the bazaar and because we had venders set up outside, people who were driving by decided to stop and shop, too. It was a great day for all.
                          Alex Sullivan selling his newest book of poetry           

Because my Steampunk Bohemian Bazaars are becoming so popular, I’ve decided to do a Springtime in Paris Bohemian Bazaar. Think the French Revolution. The date will be announced and, it will be at The Treehouse Coffee Shop. I’m hoping this bazaar will be even larger than ever and, offer more diversity in products for our customers. Oui! 

                          Author John Leone and Crafter Cheryl Leone

                               Allie Gilbert with  her Loonilalides
                     Shelley Szajner  author, artist, illustrator and reader 

Amy Hollinger, publisher, author, President of SJWG selling her Scentsy Candles
Jodie Pilla of Wings of Intuition, psychic & Reiki healer with hubby, Steve
Marti Haines Medium, Psychic, Reiki Master 
                      &Marcia Balint Moore, psychic, Reiki healings                             
                     Lee & Ralph inside their Steampunk Works Shop                      

     Dawn Byrne, author, blogger, kick-ass sidekick & guardian angel                  

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Steampunk Granny Chats with Shadows of the Forest, Michael Kay


I met Michael Kay a few months ago when Director Christopher Eilenstine held the first cast reading meeting in Long Branch, New Jersey. Michael is one of the screenwriters and he plays that part of Johnlah in the upcoming film, Shadows of the Forest, which is a fantasy horror film.

Granny: “Hi Michael, nice to chat with you on Skype. I guess my first question is, how did you get involved with Christopher Eilenstine’s newest film?”

Michael Kay: “I actually got involved with Shadows of the Forest through Nicolette Davis who is playing the part of Heather. She and I had done a Shrek Musical together and, through Nicolette and her mother, I ended up meeting Chris.

Chris invited me to do pick up scenes on his previous project The Soulless and from there we struck up a good friendship. When Chris told me about Shadows of the Forest, I was brought in to do the writing along with you and Nick Kisella.”

Granny: “Michael, can you tell me a little bit about the part you are playing in the film?”

Michael Kay: “I play the part of Johnlah, who is Scaretina’s father. Johnlah is responsible for educating the younger shadows. He is responsible for training them on how to fend for themselves and to take care of each other. He is somber character. When he speaks, you know to pay attention because you don’t want to be on his bad side. Johnlah is very caring, but he is specific about doing what is best for the group.”

Granny: “I hadn’t realized that Johnlah was Scaretina’s father.”

Michael Kay: “We don’t directly come out and say it, but the way these creatures interact is not the same as being a husband, wife, or child. With these creatures, basically, the entire group is taking care of everyone else. When we came up with the background in regards to these creatures, I did a lot of research in regards to Native American history, and particularly, in New Jersey and looked at the ways that tribe would interact and care for each other.
Along with this research, I began to check the myths and different elements of the Jersey Devil because this creature has always popped up in the history of our state and there is no officially agreement of what this creature really looks like. The Jersey Devil is always pictured as a large creature and, we end up writing that into the story with the background of these creatures, Shadaohs, and that they are able to shape shift. They are able to take on the forms of any animal that they come in contact with and they are able to control vegetation; taking on the properties of vegetation in order to conceal themselves.”

Granny: “How did you prepare for your part as Johnlah?”

Michael Kay: “When Chris first thought of the character of Johnlah, he was originally going to be a large, old creature; like a guard dog for the Shadaohs. When the time came where Chris was finalizing the script, he evolved the character into a whole persona. Since that time of the first script reading, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the character and, what his drives or goals would be.

Once this project is done and, I don’t know if this will be done in film or novel form, but there are additional stories now being developed with the first being a prequel called, “The Scars of Johnlah.” This will give us more background on Johnlah and how he got to where he is in the tribe. Working with all these new ideas has made the character of Johnlah stronger, realer for me where I find myself making these slight adjustments to my own personality in the way I handle people and events.

I’m in Pennsylvania right now visiting my girlfriend and I went for a walk along the Delaware Canal. I was connecting with nature the entire time, absorbing this while in the Johnlah mindset.”

Granny: “I understand perfectly having worked at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia; you do find yourself looking at the world differently. I can see how connecting with nature helps you with your character’s ways.”

                                     Mac              Edward   Nicolette
Michael Kay: “Yes it does, and I’m really excited about this whole project and I truly love it. Casting has come together really well. I work with Christopher Eilenstine on a regular basis. He’s given me additional responsibilities like getting the word out about this film; basically banging the pots and pans together.

Granny: “It makes sense when promoting an Independent Film to do what you call “banging the pots and pans together” and getting the word out there. Congratulations on becoming the production manager, Michael! What are your duties in your new role?”

Michael Kay: “Essentially, anything that Chris needs done, I’ll be making myself available in order to help people put their whole heart into this film. I just got in touch with a cast member Sarah Elizabeth Chapin who is playing Anderina, the Queen of the Shadaohs. We will be going over the background of how these creatures interact. This is going to be exciting.

Brandon Allentoff, who plays the character of Brian Fischer, is very into his character and the girls, Mackenzie and Nicolette have been knocking it out of the park with everything that they’ve been doing and they are very excited with their parts. Edward X Young, I love this man’s stuff. He is so great and whenever we get together it is always a good experience.

Last week, Christopher, Brandon, Edward and I went to Connecticut to audition someone for a role. It was a great bonding experience. The more people we get involved, the more it will be like this for everyone.

But back to my responsibilities, this week is the Asbury Zombie Walk, Chris and I will be looking for additional make-up artists and, I’m contacting people I know and bringing them into the project.”

Granny: “I’ll be at the next cast reading on November 7th and I know Christopher has already done some publicity shots, but when does the actual filming of Shadows of the Forest begin?”

Michael Kay: “Christopher has already done work on a teaser trailer for the Indigo Website, Facebook and for our website once it’s up. I helped by setting up the costumes for the creatures. We will be officially starting directly after the cast reading and throughout the holidays and, I think into March or April. Because of the girls and their school work, we will be shooting mostly on weekends, plus both are currently working in plays right now.

The ultimate goal is to have everything completed and available to people by October 2016.

Granny: “Before I end this interview, let me ask you about the Indigo Kickstarter. When will this start?

Michael Kay: “Chris wants this done by the time this article goes. Once the Kickstarter is up, people can see what the film is about and what we’re doing so they can contribute. The make-up for the Shadaohs will be very detailed. We want people to see the creatures and say, “That’s amazing.”

Granny: “Any last words for my readers about the film? Why would they want to contribute and support this project?”

Michael Kay: “Christopher has always said this film is ET meets Pan’s Labyrinth and I agree 100%. It’s a great story about two girls from two different worlds bonding with each other, bonding with family and, identifying who the real villain is. We’re seeing this from all sides and going into the heart of the story. And, I promise you are going to cry at the end of the story. We’ll probably be shooting for a PG-13 rating, but kids and adults will love the film.”

Granny: “Thank you, Michael. See you at the next cast reading.”
I’ll keep my readers updated on Shadows of the Forest both here on my blog and on Biff Bam Pop.  See you later, my little Shadaohs.

You can read the interview I did with Chris, Brandon and Mac, here.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Steampunk Granny's Review of The Martian


I’m going to say right up front that I believe in the Space Program and I feel strongly that we should be investing in going to other planets instead of destroying the one we live on with wars and unbridled pollution. Now, I’ll tell you why I absolutely loved the Ridley Scott film, The Martian, starring Matt Damon. The film is based on Andy Weir’s 2011 novel of the same name.
Growing up in the early fifties, my generation was introduced to the theory of space travel, aliens and the pros and cons of both. We had Flash Gordon to lead the way on our little tiny television screens. You can only imagine my joy when a human first set foot on the moon. That said, with all our science and technology, we land lubbers, who neither travel deep within the ocean or fly high in space shuttles, have no idea what to expect if we were able to go to Mars.
The action starts when the Ares III, a manned mission on Mars, is hit by an intense storm. Mars is not the friendliest of planets, but then again, neither is Earth. Mark Watney (Matt Damon), a botanist, is separated from the rest of the crew. The Captain Melissa Lewis (Jessica Chastain) and the others fear him dead. They are forced to evacuate the planet before their ship is damaged beyond repair. While they travel the long journey back home, they are unaware that Mark is alive.
I don’t want to say any more about the film, except that it is extremely well done and I really enjoyed it.  You are right there with Mark as he realizes his dilemma; not enough food to survive until another ship can return. We cringe with fear when things are not going well for our astronaut and we celebrate with him when he succeeds. The scenery of Mars and space is breathtaking. The Martian is the first realistic film that shows what it will take to survive on another world.
Is it important to support our Space Program? Yes! It’s one thing to send up a probe to take samples of an alien planet’s soil, but we also need to send up a human. Is it unreasonable to expect humans to live on Mars? Maybe...and yet...this is what we, as an intelligent species, must do. We were always meant to leave this planet and find new homes.  Exploration is wired into us. We are engineered to go forth and as explore. Go see the film. You’ll love it.