Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Metaphysical Parasite


Medical description of a Parasite: organism that lives in another organism called the host. It is dependent on host for its survival- to live, grow and multiply. Although a parasite rarely kills its host, in some cases, it can occur. As the parasite gains strength from the host, the host begins to weaken.
Psychic explanation of a parasite: a person who lives off the kindness of others, often at the expense of their hosts.
There are several types of parasites:
Ectoparasite- lives on the surface of host like mites and lice.
Endoparasite- lives inside the host like heartworms, tapeworms and flatworms.
Epiparasite- this one feeds on another parasite, a relationship known as hyperparasitism. Think of a flea that has a parasite in its digestive tract.
Parasitoid- its larval development takes place in or on another organism. The host usually dies. Check this link for signs that you may have a parasite inside your body http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-11321/10-signs-you-may-have-a-parasite.html
The rest of this blog will be devoted to the human parasite. They are also known as emotional vampires. I’ve already posted a blog on how to protect yourself from these most dangerous of parasites, here.
The parasite may have or have not grown up in a loving and nurturing home. It really doesn’t matter as I feel that most human parasites are wired to be the way they are. They have the most worrisome of personality disorders; narcissism.
How would you recognize that you or your home has been infected by these organisms? Let’s first go over the symptoms that you, as a host, would suffer from if one or more of these parasites were attached to you:
1. Constant feelings of depression, anxiety, and physical weakness due to the constant bullshit that is heaved in your direction.

2. Your emotions are on a constant rollercoaster ride whenever the parasite is in your presence.

3. You find yourself binging on unhealthy foods.

4. Your comfortable lifestyle that you’ve worked hard on obtaining over many years, via a real job, is slowly disappearing as you find yourself constantly getting the parasite out of trouble that they themselves have caused.

5. You find yourself either: wanting to move far away from the parasite or planning on putting the parasite out of its misery, permanently. I would suggest moving to another state without leaving any forward address or phone number. If you kill the parasite, then you’ll only be sent to jail that is packed full with other parasites.

So, how does one become a parasite? Most parasites have this inflated ego where they not only assume that the world revolves around them, but that the world should pamper their every need. Why work when you can mooch from other people. Why take responsibility for your own survival when it’s so easy to blame others for your laziness? Why save up for our own place when you can suck the life from your elderly parents or your siblings?

One of my pet peeves is with the medical and pharmaceutical companies who have listed drug dependence as a sickness. It is, but I’ll be damned if you’re going to collect social security benefits if you’ve never paid into the system. The pharmaceutical companies don’t give a shit that they are creating a generation of users. Why should they? They are raking in the big money.

If there were a zombie apocalypse or major long term disaster, the parasites would find a way to live off the survivors...for a while anyway...until the situation got so bad that the survivors would feel the need to eliminate all parasites by feeding them to the zombies.

How not to become a parasite

1. Learn to take responsibility of yourself. Learn to accept the consequences when you fuck up.

2. Learn to take responsibility for yourself by getting a job and keeping it.

3. Grow up! The world does not owe you a blessed thing. Your parents don’t owe you anything once you’ve reached the age of 21.

4. Now, this is the hardest part, but it will set you on the road to personal success. Be a giver and not a taker.
For the victims of emotional parasites I have a suggestion. If you do need to move far away from your personal parasites, Cuba is offering great rates for Senior Citizens in their upcoming Senior Retirement Communities. The medications are almost free and it’s warm year-round. Plus, Cuba doesn't tolerate parasites.


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