Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Perfect Day for a Steampunk Bohemian Bazaar


      Steampunk Granny with daughter and grandson
This October 11th, was the second annual Steampunk Granny’s Bohemian Bazaar. It was also the book launch for my second book in the Roof Oasis Series, Saving Solanda. I invited several of my friends who are authors, poets, publishers, crafters, psychics and spiritual healers to join me in making this an event to be remembered at The Treehouse Coffee Shop in Audubon, New Jersey. I think we may have succeeded.
                             Jean Ramalho's Happy Pet Crystals
The day was perfect, not too hot or cold. A few of the vendors set up their tables outside the coffee shop. The tables were diversified enough to satisfy the whims of all our shoppers. My friends Lee and Ralph even had their little Steampunk Works shop opened for the event.                                                    
                             Janet Lima's  The Button Elf
Tina and Randy have been so very generous to me in allowing me to promote other entrepreneurs by allowing us to use their coffee shop to sell our goodies.
You Rock, Tina and Randy!  The staff, that day, were so very accommodating to our many needs.
                     Christine Glinos the Henna Tattoo Artist
We had a young lady doing henna tattoos. We had two psychics doing Tarot and Angel card readings. I sold my books and told people about the next book in the series, Beware the Harvesters, which will be out in June of 2016. I sold twenty-five books on Sunday. Thank you everyone who purchased books from me.
                                    Mistress Rae setting up her table                      
Many family and friends showed up at the bazaar and because we had venders set up outside, people who were driving by decided to stop and shop, too. It was a great day for all.
                          Alex Sullivan selling his newest book of poetry           

Because my Steampunk Bohemian Bazaars are becoming so popular, I’ve decided to do a Springtime in Paris Bohemian Bazaar. Think the French Revolution. The date will be announced and, it will be at The Treehouse Coffee Shop. I’m hoping this bazaar will be even larger than ever and, offer more diversity in products for our customers. Oui! 

                          Author John Leone and Crafter Cheryl Leone

                               Allie Gilbert with  her Loonilalides
                     Shelley Szajner  author, artist, illustrator and reader 

Amy Hollinger, publisher, author, President of SJWG selling her Scentsy Candles
Jodie Pilla of Wings of Intuition, psychic & Reiki healer with hubby, Steve
Marti Haines Medium, Psychic, Reiki Master 
                      &Marcia Balint Moore, psychic, Reiki healings                             
                     Lee & Ralph inside their Steampunk Works Shop                      

     Dawn Byrne, author, blogger, kick-ass sidekick & guardian angel                  

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