Friday, April 22, 2011

Read before taking

Well, I'm finally feeling somewhat human after the last few months of pain. I came down with shingles which situated itself with a vengeance to my sciatic nerve. Hit with severe spasms, I was given all sorts of medications to ease the inflammation and pain. "NOTHING" worked. The pain was such, that I had started to take an extra dose of the strong narcotic that was priscribed, just to breathe without the spasms beginning a new attack. Never using any thing stronger than aspirin, I hadn't noticed how disconnected from reality, I had become. I continued to edit my book and send out a few query letters. Once the pain had reached a point where I no longer needed the narcotics, I reread my work, and almost needed another Doctor visit. Here is some good advice. They tell you not to drive or use heavy machinery when using certain medications, but that also goes for sending out your work to agents. God help me!!! I had a good laugh, rewrote and revamped and I'm back in player's mode.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eileen's Travel Blog: Shells

Eileen's Travel Blog: Shells: "This morning started off with a thunderstorm announcing a cold front that stretched from southern Florida to Maine. It was somehow com..." I love the shells!! Save your posts because you could probably write a little travel guide.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Enjoying the answer "no"

Okay, I've sent in several query letters, and have just received two replies. Although, both replies were a positive "no", I felt encouraged to plug on in finding an Agent. The Writer's group that I belong to, have a great outlook on receiving rejections on your written material. Your sending your work out to be seen and that is the first step. "Onward and Outward will be my new mantra.