Friday, February 22, 2013

Episode Fifty-six of Lilith's Escape


Rita and a few of the older boys had somehow managed to get on to the steel beam that ran across the train tracks. They threw what they had into the mob. It wasn’t enough to kill all the zombies, but it helped by giving the resistance fighters time to regroup.


Lilith was still fighting the zombies on the other side of the chain fence and didn’t look like she needed any back up, so Edward and the others were left to take down the handful that hadn’t burned to a crisp from the Molotov cocktails.

When the last zombie was put down, Lilith joined the group. As she wiped her sword clean, she asked, “How many did we lose?”

“One,” Tzaddik replied and then pointed to a female soldier. “I put her out of her misery.”
Edward looked to where Tzaddik had pointed and saw that the soldier had been shot in the head. “Are you sure that she was infected?” There were no visible wounds.

Tzaddik glared at Edward and then walked over to the woman’s corpse and flipped her onto her stomach. The back of her tee-shirt in shreds, Edward saw that a chunk of flesh was missing from the midsection of her back.
“We need to patch-up up the entrance, make sure that the barricade holds in case of another attack.”

“Your enemy knows where you are,” Edward said to Lilith.

“Maybe not, Bradley replied.

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