Monday, September 14, 2015

Zodiac Signs, How Trustworthy Are They?


My father was a psychic but he refused to admit it. He was well aware of my maternal grandmother’s and my mother’s abilities as well as mine and my sisters. He respected and believed what we saw and heard. His only condition to a house full of sensitive people: Don’t say anything in front of the customers who shopped at our little grocery store in South Philly.
The reason I’ve always thought my father a psychic was because of his ability to profile a person as soon as he laid eyes on them. It was uncanny how many times he was dead on with his evaluation of a person. Fred would often say, “That man must be born in January, because... or that woman acts like a Sagittarius, because...
By the time, I was in high school, I began to understand that Fred was the master of the Zodiac. When a person walked into the store, or if we were out shopping for stock, Fred would point out certain things about a person: how they spoke, laughed, walked, etc. and then he would tell me what sign he thought they were under. Sometimes, he'd start a conversation with the person, then Fred would subtly bring up the question, “When’s your birthday?”

This question would often bring out a puzzled expression on the face of the person my father was scrutinizing. After the unsuspecting specimen walked away, my father would turn to me and say, “I hit his sign on the nose.” He did, always.

My father would have made an excellent F.B.I. agent or Judge. Was Fred correct about people living up to their signs or, was he just spewing a lot of mumbo jumbo with no scientific proof?
I think, after watching people’s actions over time, I’ve begun to see that my father was right on target, but that's because he knew people and knew everything about each Zodiac Sign. My father was an avid reader and studied books on human nature. When you check out your Zodiac Sign, do you only look for the good traits, or do you check out everything: the good, the bad and, the ugly?

I am a Sagittarius and so was Fred. Here are our zodiac good traits: Ninth sign of the zodiac chart; ruling planet is Jupiter; human and half animal; marked with both human and animal instincts; spiritual by nature; incurable optimists; highly active: restless: kind hearted; seekers of truth; leaders. We are the fire sign.

Sagittarius people have just as many faults: Restless; inflexible over-confident; unemotional...That last one, I have a problem with because I take on everyone’s emotions, living or dead. I do think that knowing a person's sign helps immensely when do psychic readings.
What is your sign?

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