Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Grand Opening, Laurel Hill Cemetery and the Blue Bridgade: Volunteers

My friend Rita and I have been visiting the Laurel Hill Cemetery for the last three years, but we’ve been volunteering for the cemetery for almost two years. What can I say? That place is amazing and it doesn’t matter if you are living or dead. Did you know that you could pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic at the cemetery? The Cemetery offers some amazing shows done right amongst the tombs.
Rita and I have volunteered for some rather unique events with our favorite being the Mischief Night Event and the Zombie Run. Today was a special day for the cemetery. It was the grand opening celebration of the Kelly Drive Pedestrian Entrance.
Rita and I along with all the volunteers received our blue shirts today. Very snazzy don’t you think? We are the Blue Brigade (I made up the name, but it’s not official...not yet). We helped with the many family fun activities that went on throughout the afternoon.
The event began with a few speeches, then a performance by the Invisible River dancers and aerial performers almost brought the busy traffic on Kelly Drive to a standstill with their outstanding act. Music was provided by The Divine Hand Ensemble.
Rita and I were assigned the table where young and old had a chance to paint flower pots before adding soil and a beautiful plant to take home.
Go on the site for the Cemetery’s Event Page and check out all the activities they have lined up for October. Make sure to come out on Mischief Night. The Blue Brigade will be there is assist you.

This Mischief Night, performers will regale you with true tales from Laurel Hill Cemetery’s historic tombs. From the desecrated grave of a prestigious doctor; to the woman who is buried in two places, True Tales from the Tombs will feature stories of the Cemetery’s most provocative and memorable permanent residents, as they return from the dead to tell their stories.                                                                                                                                                          

Featuring The Not Ready for After-Life Players as storytellers of these otherworldly tales, the candlelit tours will depart every half hour through the stones and mausoleums of Laurel Hill. Afterwards, slow your slow heart rate with hot cider and cookies. Bring your own flashlights.

One evening of True Tales from the Tombs is scheduled at Laurel Hill: Friday, October 30 at 7:00pm. Tours will last approximately one hour and depart every half-hour, with the final tour departing at 9:30pm.


  1. I love this place, you've turned me on to it, that's for sure.

    1. Loretta, you should become a volunteer, because there is so much going on at that place