Friday, July 26, 2013

News from the Dark Side, July 26th


What is it with male politicians and their junk? Why do they need to show it; text it; or wind up on National News because they can’t keep it safely tucked away. Just saying…I’m not gonna trust a man to handle a city, state or country if he can’t even keep his junk tucked away….Okay, I’m done ranting. Now for the weird stuff:
Love John Oliver's take on Candidate Weiner

In the "Don't they drive those down the shore?" category, here is an article from Huffington Post by David Lohr about an unusual car.

From the Telegraph, here is a cute story about very clean critters.

From the Express a "You can't make up this shit" animal story.

I'll return next week and hopefully, no one will be flashing their body parts all over the news. Stay safe and if you have some weird news to share, send it to me.

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