Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Steampunk Granny on God's Way Television


I must give thanks to GOD for allowing me to "Do my thing" since retiring from the Academy of Natural Sciences. I have been on many adventures as Steampunk Granny and I am enjoying the ride... I meet such wonderful people and learn more about the world we live in...for example:

I was fortunate enough to meet a very lovely woman at the Psychic Healing & Expo that was held a few months ago in Blackwood, N. J.

I was selling my first two books of the Roof Oasis Series and doing psychic card readings using cards featuring the Blessed Mother. Adolphina Shephard stopped at my table to talk about my books. She was interested in reading my science fiction series that touched on many controversial topics that we are both were interested in. Later that week, Adolphina contacted me to say how much she'd enjoyed my books and then asked me to be a guest on a television show called God's Way.


Adolphina Shephard is a Public Figure-Creator and co-host of TV Show God's Way YTVY. Spiritual Teacher, & Meta-physician. Her co-host is Thomas Knights Templar, an Intuitive Spiritual Healer.

On the day of the show, my husband dropped me off at Adolphina's home where I met Karen Schlacter is a professional Palm Reader and psychic and has a book that will be out soon, called Masterpeace. Her passions are Tai Chi and Qigong - Vedic Palmistry - Karuna Reiki and Spiritualism

Once we reached New York, Thomas treated the entire staff to a wonderful dinner and I watched as the stage was set for the programming. It was such a great learning lesson and I love to see how things are done behind the scenes with producer Brian La Payower.