Thursday, April 11, 2013

Being Human and Haunted Collector Recaps


I love the Syfy station and two of my favorite shows are Being Human and Haunted Collector. Being Human just ended season three with three cliffhangers, so we’ll start with them first, but I promise to make this quick and painless. Ready, set. Go!
Sally the ghost is alive and back inside her own body after Josh and Nora go to visit Donna the Witch. Good news, right? Wrong, with Donna the witch, it’s the hidden information on the contract that will come back to haunt Sally.
Sally and her two ghost buddies are having a blast with their second chance at life. There’s one little problem, if someone from your past sees you, they die and Donna gets to eat their soul. To save her brother’s life, Sally promises her soul to Donna.

Soon, Sally and her friends begin to rot, yep just like zombies. To keep from rotting, they must eat fresh kill, be it human or rodent. Donna gets the souls of Sally’s ghost friends, but Sally, with the help of Aidan and Josh, escapes...or so she thinks. Sally dies again and Donna is not out of the picture.

Josh killed his maker and is no longer a werewolf, but in a battle to save Aidan’s life, Liam bites Josh. If that wasn’t enough, vampires are drinking the blood of werewolves to survive the deathly results of tainted human blood.

Why is human blood tainted? It has to do with the flu, but werewolf blood is the cure. Liam won’t leave Nora and Josh alone, even bothering them on their honeymoon. Yes, lovely wedding and Sally, back to being a ghost, was a bridesmaid.

After Liam is dead, Nora and Josh go back to celebrating their honeymoon and Josh’s first werewolf change…but he’s not a nice one; has Liam bloodline now. Are you dizzy yet, no?

Last one. Aidan and all the other vampires are dying from the lack of untainted blood. Aidan is caring for Kenny, a bubble boy (no, not someone from Fox News) who is unable to live outside of a sterile tent. The teen is sick of living in a sterilized world and begs Aidan to change him. Aidan changes Kenny and gives him blood enhanced with werewolf blood. What Aidan didn’t know is the werewolf blood does more harm than good. After promising Josh that he will kill Kenny because Kenny tried to drink Nora dry, Aidan instead lets the boy live. Aidan comes home, only to see someone who looks exactly like his wife Suzanna, from the Revolutionary war, step out of a taxi. 

Is this the real Suzanna, or a descendant ? Okay, I told you it would be quick,  but I left a lot out, so if you want the slow version, watch the show on demand.

Okay now on to the last episode of Haunted Collector, where John Zaffis and his team arrive at the historic Emmett House in Waverly Ohio.

The new owner Ashley Anthony has been frightened by paranormal activity ever since she began restoring the Inn.  It started when the owners found a boot, pouch holding a white powder and a tattered infant’s dress. John sends the powder out to be identified and they learn that the powder is a French salt used in the past to fight infections.

John and his team set up their equipment and see a small hurricane of smoke over the floorboards of one of the rooms. When they investigate they find a lace handmaid’s veil wrapped around a small box holding patches. The patches were used by victims of small pox to cover the scars.

The original owner of the house John Emmett, Ohio’s first millionaire, lost two young children to the disease. John Zaffis take all the items and brings them back to his museum and the new owners have no further problems with unwanted guests.

The second part of the story takes place in Brighton Michigan and Corey Moore is the person who calls in the team. There have been several deaths in the family and Corey moved in with his mother Pam to help her. One night he took a stroll through the town cemetery and found a strange coin. 

The problems began when he brought the coin home. Pam is the target of whatever spirit has been introduced into the home. The spirit is attacking Pam and leaving scratches and bruises on her arm. 

John and his team set up the cameras and……this is scary……especially since I’ve had encounters with this type of haunting….but on the camera, you the viewer see the dark shadow appear out of nowhere and slide over the sleeping Pam. In her sleep, she rolls over to her side to get away.
 John Zaffis does his research and learns that the coin is the culprit. It belonged to a traveling circus and there was a horrible accident in 1903 when two of the circus trains crashed right there in Brighton, killing 26 people who were then buried in the local cemetery. John takes the coin to his museum and the attacks on Pam stop. Go on demand and watch this episode.


Most hauntings occur when an object that is haunted is brought into your house. John Zaffis has to do a special binding ceremony to keep the objects in his museum from attacking any visitors that enter his museum. Just recently, a friend of mine purchased some antique funeral home objects and is now is experiencing ghostly visits. I’ll be checking this out and maybe…I’ll write about it.

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