Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ghost hunting

 So, this weekend, I'll be heading out with some friends to Gettysburg, ghost hunting. Looking forward to the adventure, I packed what I need, to survive. Equipment will be given to us and we'll be working with professionals, but I always bring along my own tools, such as my rosary beads, holy water, and my St. Michaels medal. So far, I've never experienced an encounter with an angry spirit, which is good, since I have to tolerate angry living people, in my journey through this world, but...it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

My family is blessed? cursed? with this ability of awareness, sensing things before they happen, sensing people's true intentions, enabling us to sometimes escape a bad situation, so it was a natural for me to say yes, when friends of mine invited me to participate in the different ghost hunting trips. I have the best time and learn so much about the history of the place we visit. We're amateurs, but participate in organized groups led by professionals.

I'll let you know in my next blog, if we met with any spirits.

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