Sunday, December 7, 2014

Steampunk Granny's Latest Ghost Investigation


I was called out this weekend to investigate a series of suspected spirit activity in a South Philly row home. This is still an open case, so I won’t reveal names or address. This is also a warning to be careful of what you bring into your home. Remember spirits can attach themselves to objects.


A couple with a young child had contacted me after experiencing objects being moved and knocked off of a shelving unit. They were also hearing strange noises which kept them and their baby up at night. At first, they just chalked it off to natural events, but when the wife was attacked while in bed just this past week, they suspected the past events to be more closely related to a supernatural event.

After interviewing them and surveying the room where most of the activity took place, I had them join me in a binding prayer that I use to protect not only myself but the people experiencing the event. I had sensed a spirit when I first entered the particular room, but this spirit was harmless and was a former resident of the home. This spirit was actually trying to protect the home.

I started at the far corner of the room splashing holy water as I asked GOD to protect the home and the people inside the home, but when I reached the clothing rack that held men’s shirts and a coat; I stopped cold. I felt a force push against my chest. There was negative energy in this spot; extremely negative. I said to the couple who were next to me, “There is something bad in this spot. What do you keep here?”

The young lady told me that the clothing was from her father that had passed away and she wondered if that was what I was picking up. It wasn’t and after I touched the clothing, I was positive that the negativity was coming from the shelving behind the clothes rack.


I pushed the clothing aside and pointed to the shelf that I felt the negativity pouring from and asked again, “What are you keeping in there?”

The young man began to pull things off the shelf, saying, “Just jewelry and stuff....wait...I forgot all about these.” He turned and handed me a velvet bag that held Tarot cards.


“If you don’t know how to use these cards, you can pull in an evil force,” I instructed when he handed me another item.

“You might want this, too,” he added. It was something he had used to curse a person.

“You should never curse anyone. When you send out a curse it comes back to you,” I explained to the frightened couple.

I blessed the whole home and then placed the tarot cards and the voodoo item in a bag and covered it with sea salt. I told the young man to bury the bag in the yard.


I’ll be going back a few times to check on the couple and I have, because of their faith, instructed them to hang a few blessed crucifixes up over each door way. I also sprinkled sea salt around the baby’s crib. They contacted me the next day to let me know that they were able to sleep that night and they had no further problems.


I’ll still check on this couple until I feel that they are safe. Tarot cards are in themselves not dangerous, but when used unwisely can cause the possibility of an evil spirit entering your home. When a medium uses tarot cards, she prays for protection first, and then, once more after doing a reading. I, myself, don’t feel comfortable using tarot cards. I don’t need them for what I do. I can sense the emotions of the living and the dead and, as an Empath I cans sense a spirit as soon as I enter a room. Most of time the spirits are friendly, but when someone is so angry that they wish hateful energy against another person, what comes back can be deadly. Luckily for all involved, the removal of the objects have stopped the attacks.

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