Friday, December 26, 2014

Steampunk Granny's Christmas Scavenger Hunt


Did you expect a normal Christmas from someone who calls herself Steampunk Granny? If your reply is, “NO,” then my little zombie snack you are in the right place.  I wanted the act of gift giving and receiving at my yearly “Italian Christmas Eve Eat until  You Drop” event to be more...I don’t know....meaningful?
I did all in my power to get the gifts that my grandkids had requested and there were plenty of Black Fridays mornings that found me standing outside of a Target store or a Toys R Us store at all ungodly hours just so I could arm wrestle my way into the store and grab hold of a stinking dancing Elmo doll.  What we grandmothers do in the name of love. But it was worth the bruises both physical and financially to see the little cherubs smile. Then they grew up!

Teenagers are hard to buy for! My style in clothing is either too bizarre or too conservative depending on which grandchild you’re speaking to. “Give me gift cards” was the unanimous cry from all nine grandchildren. Big sigh!!! There isn’t much you can do with a gift card, or was there?

I began a tradition a few years back to make the gift giving a challenge. I would place the gift cards in puzzle boxes. In order to get to that gift card, my grandchildren had to work at solving the puzzle that would allow them to the treasure. It was a big hit and, each year starting with Thanksgiving, my grandkids would pester me with questions about the type of puzzle they would get.

I was on a roll, but after a few years of searching for new and different puzzle boxes, I finally hit a brick wall. There are only so many different types of puzzle boxes in existence. What was I going to do this year?
I did mention that we don’t do normal at my house, right? Luckily, I came up with a Christmas Scavenger Hunt to take the place of the puzzle boxes. My oldest male grandson (THE MARINE) was coming home for the holidays and when I told him about the scavenger hunt, he said, “I don’t think so.”
My eldest female granddaughter (The Fashion Designer) said, “NO Way!!!”

After dinner and after everyone opened their gifts, I handed Allie the first clue. “It’s pouring outside,” moaned all seven grandkids in unison.
“If you want your gifts...”

They had a ball and even the two older grandkids were having fun. To get their last clue, my crew had to serenade my neighbor with Christmas songs. I guess they did a good job because she gave them the final clue.
The scavenger hunt was such a big hit, I might do it again next year...but...where should I hide the clues?
Steampunk Granny and her gang wish you a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful New Year

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