Friday, December 2, 2011

Where can I buy one of those?

      It's been awhile since I posted, busy with Thanksgiving and shopping for Christmas presents. November and December are hectic for me, especially since there are close to twelve of my immediate family members with birthdays within the first two weeks of December. Can everyone say "Birthday Cake Overload".

     Last night as I was running around my house pulling out the Christmas decorations, I overheard a commercial for a wearable blanket called, and I kid you not, the forever lazy blanket. Thinking my husband was watching Saturday Night Live on demand, I walked into the living room to see the people in the commercial wearing these one piece jumpers. Think of the blanket sleepers we put on babies too young to be covered by a regular blanket.

     "This is funny," I remarked to my husband, adding, "Is this one of the SNL phoney commercials?"

     "No, it's a real commercial," he explained.

     "No way," I replied, and then sat down to watch the rest of the commercial.

     Not only was the advertizement saying how comfortable the 'forever lazy' was at home, but people were able to wear these blankets even outside the home. Now call me crazy, but when and where did it become permissable to wear a blanket sleeper as outside clothing?

     The highlight of the commercial was the mention of the specially placed zippers, which enabled the wearer to be able to go to the bathroom. The first thought,which came to mind was the old movies with Ma and Pa Kettle. Pa Kettle wore longjohns similar to the 'forever lazy' and he was also able to unbutton the back of the longjohns to go to the bathroom.

    Are we evolving into a new breed of couch potato? Do we now need special clothing to sit mezmerized in front of the T.V.? And are there other products on the way to compliment the forever lazy blanket?

     I can see it now, products for the 'forever clueless', or maybe the 'forever greedy', I even have an idea for a certain someone, called the 'forever dumb as shit'.

     "You want me to buy you one for Christmas?" my husband teased.

     "Do you want dinner, tonight?" I replied. My message delivered.

     I won't be wearing one of these blanket sleepers, my sweater works fine, thank you, but if someone innocently buys me one, I'll use it, like I did the snuggle blanket, I was given two years ago. They make wonderful tents for the grandkids.



  1. Good Lord what will they think of next. We don't need more stuff to make us lazy. We need people to think of stuff to get us moving. Then maybe we wouldn't be such a fat nation. besides it bad enough you see people wearing all sorts of crap outside of the house don't want to see folks wearing blankets. LOL!!

  2. Funny. All I could think of is how to get it off fast enough when I get a hot flash. Lucy

  3. This was just too funny, Marie. And, I could hear your voice while reading this. Resist any wearable blanket! A blanket is for sleeping in.

    It was good to see you Wednesday night! By the way, I did it!

  4. Thank you Mieke, Stacy and Lucy for your comments. I can't wait to see the next product this company makes

  5. This is very funny, Marie. I haven't seen this one yet. I love the snuggie commercial where the family is standing around the campfire. They look like a group of Druids!

    Regarding the problem, I didn't realize that your
    "about" info was at the top of page. I had to scroll down to find the post! We're good to go...Have a great Sunday!

  6. This is funny, Marie! I love the Snuggie commercial where the family is standing around a campfire. They look like a bunch of Druids!

    Regarding the issue with reading your blog, I didn't know that your"about" info came up at the top. When I scrolled down far enough, I found the post. Have a great Sunday!!

  7. Hey Marie, your blog is well written as always! Keep up the good blogging!

  8. Your blog is great....keep up the wonderful blogging!!!