Saturday, November 9, 2013

Meet the Brains behind B17


I love promoting people and I've done a few interviews over the last year that I'm very proud of.  Check it out on my interview page on my blog.
Some of the people I interview on my blog became my friend through Facebook or Twitter, but this interview that I'm sharing with you now is more special. I've known Dylan Evans for a long time. We worked together at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. Once a week, every Monday, I would work in Outside-in. Dylan Evans was a volunteer in Outside-in and in the Live Animal Unit. He was an amazing worker and wise beyond his years. I keep in touch with all my friends from the Academy and I was very excited to learn that Dylan Evans and Nick Fitzke were the brains behind B 17. Dylan Evans agreed to let little Miss Marie brag about her former volunteer. So let me do that now.


Marie Gilbert: Dylan, I'm so happy to have you as a guest on my blog. Tell my readers a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with B17?

 Dylan Evans: B17 was an idea that my fraternity brother Nick Fitzke and I had going for a while. It wasn't until one day we randomly decided to put our ideas into motion. I came back from class (currently attending Temple University) sat down with Nick and created B17 into what it is today. Since I have no musical talent I decided to do what I know best music production/business. I currently work for Live Nation (over 4 years) and recently started working for Global Spectrum. I have been in the business and I wanted to branch into the college music scene at Temple because I see the opportunity for artist exposure, industry experience, and the opportunity to make money. My business partner Nick Fitzke is one of our artists/promoters/media designers. Finally, the last person of my team is a man named Darwin Paz. He is our last promoter and event photographer. B17's three man team is coordinated, efficient and effective in getting the job done and bringing the individual a unique concert experience. 

Marie Gilbert: What type of audience are you aiming to reach with your music?

Dylan Evans: For now B17's audience is primarily Temple University students as the bars and house shows we book are near campus. However, what makes B17 great is that were not just about having shows and parties. Artist exposure and promotion is what we do as well. Our diverse rooster of artists range from EDM dj's to acoustic singers. Currently B17 has 4 artists: DJ Nortap, DJ IAM, Kid Nova, and Katie Byrne. Our audience is anyone whose looking for good music and good times. We had a show at a bar called Maxis, over 300 people came and they sold out of PBR beer, Long Island Ice Teas, and yingling octoberfest beer. There was a 30 min line just to get in, and that was our first show! Currently B17 has a rap show planned for November 23. If shows are not your thing, we post all of our artists music on

Marie Gilbert: What future plans do you have in the works with B17 Production

Dylan Evans: The plans for the future of B17 are clear from a promoter stand point. Continue building an audience and start slowly building outside of Temple University. Build up a stronger audience allows for bigger venues to be booked. In addition the bigger B17 gets will allow me to start pushing our artists harder and harder to create more of their own content. As of now B17 artists all have their own original songs. My overall plan is to get them to create their own albums by the end of the year. 

Marie Gilbert: Where can my readers find your music?

Dylan Evans: For anyone interested on helping B17, please check out our music on:

Katie Byrne:
youtube channel:

Reverb Nation:

Kid Nova:


Thank you so much Dylan for being my blog guest, and I'll be keeping an eye on your company's progress, maybe do a follow up interview with you. And for all my readers and music lovers out there, check out B17.


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