Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bloody Boo Boo's & History Done Funny


For those of my readers that already don’t know this about me, I’m a member of the Zombie Squad. That said, I’ve made sure that my house is equipped and ready to ‘Bug In’ and in case I need to leave the house; I have a ‘Bug Out’ bag.

Every home should be equipped with the needed supplies to survive at least for two weeks in case of a major disaster; think of hurricane Katrina, or more recently, Sandy. If a disaster occurs, be it natural or human, you might not be able to count on the Government to get to you in time. Be Prepared! I have all my supplies, plus a generator in case we lose power for long periods. I'm all set, but I needed to update my 'Bug Out' bag so I purchased a small axe and a good compass. Did I mention that I'm accident prone? I am, and when I tried to take off the leather case that covered the axe, I almost took off my thumb.


It took a very long time to stop the bleeding. My husband was not amused. “You’re going to kill yourself before the first zombie makes an appearance.” He might be right. I finally stopped the bleeding after what seemed like forever and then wrapped my thumb in three Band-Aids.



I had plans to go out with my friend and editor, Patti O’Brien, to visit with her friends, Trish and Andy Maunder of Philly Tour Hub, which is the umbrella organization for Awfully Nice Tours, Urban Adventures and Philly by Segway.


Andy Maunder

You can check out everything they have to offer at: It was their grand opening at a new site and the Maunders, on this special occasion were presenting a free show called "History Done Funny"  by the fabulous team of Owen Timoney and Kaylah Fitzgerald.


                                               Kaylah Fitzgerald and Owen Timoney

Owen and Kaylah, who are part of the Madcap Theater, put on two shows this past Friday night. I love History, but it was so much fun to hear Owen and Kaylah tell the story of our country's beginnings. They did a great job of explaining important events with humor, costumes, music, and the participation of the audience.


Patti and I were not only fortunate to be part of the audience, but we even had bit parts in the show. I got to play George Washington and Patti played a proper British woman. We had a ball. Owen and Kaylah were amazing.


After the show, Patti and I enjoyed the sights and sounds of  Philly's First Friday Event There were vendors, musicians, and artists selling their wares and the night was alive with excitement. You have to go to the next First Friday Event. You won't be sorry. Patti and I even had our faces painted. Meow!!!


Before heading home, we stopped into a store known for its excellent ice cream sundaes and milkshakes. Patti had a milkshake while I did a mini ghost investigation. I sensed a spirit there, and one of the staff did confirm some strange occurrences. Patti was surprised that I had sensed the spirit, but the dead always find me. The man (ghost) had worked as a sailor when alive. Why he was haunting the ice cream store, I'm not sure. Didn't have time to do a good investigation, but if I was going to haunt anything, it would be an Ice Cream store:)


I'll be back at the Philly Tour Hub soon, to promote my apocalyptic book, Roof Oasis, which you can buy from Amazon. My granddaughter will be visiting me from Sheridan Wyoming and I know just the place to take her for a Segway ride through the city. Check out Philly Tour Hub and book an adventure. You won't be sorry.

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