Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Friends, Ghosts and, Robots


How’s that for a title? This past week was a whirlwind of activity because a very good friend and the fearless leader of Biff Bam Pop, Andy Burns, came down from Canada to visit his South Jersey Posse. I think the Jersey staff outnumbers the Canadian staff, for now. The South Jersey division of Biff Bam Pop all belong to the South Jersey Writer's Group and includes Glenn Walker (assisting editor of BBP & board member of the SJ writers' group) standing next to the seated Andy, with Loretta Swearington Sisco (BBP) and Steampunk Granny (BBP) on the right. From the left we have Janice Wilson (SJ writers' group) and Jean Ramalho (a fellow ghost investigator & friend). Next to Jean, we have the very talented Robin Renee (BBP & writer & entertainer (www.robinrenee.com) and James Knipp (BBP & registrar for the Philadelphia Writers Conference) 
                Breakfast at the Pop Shop in Collingswood with our leader                                 

I had asked Andy what he wanted to see while on vacation. He wanted to see the Rocky statue.


                                                 And the Liberty Bell

                        And, he wanted to go on a ghost investigation.

Luckily, I was able to set up all three requests, saving the investigation for that night with Medium, Marti Haines. Andy and I will be writing more about this investigation on the Biff Bam Pop site www.biffbampop.com



In my Roof Oasis Series, there is a character that happens to be a robot and about the size of a small child. In book one of the series, Roof Oasis, the little robot was just a minor character, but as every writer knows; sometimes the characters take over the story. Patty wasn't happy being a minor character and she quickly made this clear to me when I was working on the second book. Patty is not your average robot. She is evolving, but you’ll have to wait until book two, Saving Solanda, is out this summer to find out why we should be worried.

I needed a doll as a prop for when I do my book signings. The only doll that would fit the requirements of what I had imagined when I wrote the robot character was the Patti PlayPal doll.


My sister Lucy had a Patti PlayPal when she was little. She loved that doll, but my brother Michael had operated on Patti and she didn’t survive. It's a long story, but ou can read about it here.

A good friend of mine, Cinsearae Santiago Reniniger: writer, publisher, artist, and designer, who also makes all kinds of spooky jewelry and cute zombie dolls, was able to find a doll for me. Here she is. I know she doesn’t look like a robot yet, but she will once I get my designer granddaughter, Allie Gilbert, to make a Steampunk, robotic outfit for her.


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