Monday, February 22, 2016

Steampunk Granny Interviews the People of Cométe Complexion

Granny makes friends everywhere she goes and, to tell the truth, I've met such talented people in my journey through this life. I had the pleasure of dealing with the people at Comete Complexion and I even used one of their products. I was pleased with the results and promised them an interview.


Steampunk Granny: Tell my readers a little bit about the company

Comète Complexion: We here at Comète Complexion believe in the power of the stars, the moon, and the earth to bring out the most sparkling you. This is a labor of love - all items are handmade by one Potions master and their apprentice. Our products are composed of organic and naturally occurring materials to help fight acne, frazzled hair, and dry skin.

Steampunk Granny: Why did you start the company?

Cométe Complexion: There are multiple reasons why we decided to start Cométe Complexion, for starters we think it's important to have ingredients that naturally grow on our planet, we wanted products that used the highest quality materials, and we wanted to make a company that sells affordable skin care. 


Steampunk Granny: What are your goals for the company?

Cométe Complexion: We want to build a clientele that can trust our products. We also know how important healthy looking skin is for self-esteem and would like our customers to know that they can rely on our products to keep their skin looking cosmic. Lastly we strive to have great communicating with our customers and look forward to them sharing their questions, concerns and experiences with our products.

Steampunk Granny: Tell us a bit about the products?

Cométe Complexion: We design products to take care of everything, from your hair to your face! A reoccurring ingredient in our products is manuka, an excellent plant that really brings out the sparkle in your skin! We currently have a face scrub that cleans and exfoliates, a hair serum that keeps your scalp and hair healthy, a facial moisturizer that keeps your skin tone even, an astringent that balances your PH level and keeps acne at bay, and hair rinses for both dark and light hair that soothes your scalp and conditions the hair, all while enhancing your natural highlights.


Steampunk Granny: What can people expect when using your products?

Cométe Complexion: Our customers should expect lavish products, from the packaging design to the formulas! We create our skin care with the highest quality, natural and organic materials that we can purchase. To take it a step further, we use dark, cobalt blue glass packaging, which protects photosensitive ingredients. Our packaging is just as important as our formulas. Our very own planet and solar system was a huge inspiration in our packaging. We adapted the astrological symbols of our earth and sun into the aesthetic of our company. Then, to take the cosmic inspiration a step further, we attached a ribbon adorned with a Swarovski crystal to the bottles, resembling a soaring comet." 

Steampunk Granny: Tell us about the people behind Cométe Complexion.

Cométe Complexion: We would like to keep the creators a secret, but we'd like our customers to understand we take customer service serious and they can always contact us with concerns and questions.

Steampunk Granny: What products can we expect to see in the future?

Cométe Complexion: Because there are only two busy people involved, we are keeping our store at a minimal right now. We don't think we will make any advances in the near future, but we would like to mention that we are working on one product to add to our store! We have been working on an exotic manuka honey mask for the skin, filled with skin loving ingredients that are unique. 

Thank you so much for taking time to chat with me and, for my readers, you can purchase your products here and here.

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