Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Steampunk Granny's Review of Ghostbusters 2016


If anyone is going to enjoy a good ghost movie, it’s a person who actually goes ghost hunting and since I'm that person, I was excited to see this new and improved version of an old favorite of mine. I was especially stoked to see the film because Melissa McCarthy was in it. Did Ghostbusters 2016 meet my expectations?
Ghostbusters 2016
Based on the remake of the 1984 Ghostbusters film which starred Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver and Ernie Hudson, this newer version was directed by Paul Feig and featured Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth. Chris plays the part of Kevin Beckman, an incompetent receptionist who reminded me of a male version of Mrs. Wiggins, which fans of Carol Burnett will know what I’m talking about.

If people were worried that a female ghostbusting team would tarnish the original version, they were soon proven wrong. The script was well written and the acting superb. I have over the years become a loyal fan of Melissa McCarthy, although I did not like her earlier film work. It wasn’t until I saw Heat and later Spy that I knew that I would watch any film Melissa McCarthy starred in.

Kristen Wiig plays the part of Dr. Erin Gilbert who is forced to track down an old friend when she learns that Dr. Abby Yates (Melissa McBride) has republished a book on Ghosts that both co-wrote together. It isn’t long after that reunion when Abby, Erin and Abby’s assistant, Kate McKinnon are called out on a case. There are ghosts to deal with and because of a frightening incident in the subway tunnels of New York, a new member joins the team. Patty (Leslie Jones), who has encountered a rather strange man and the nasty spirit he was able to call forth, now wants to help catch ghosts. One of the biggest surprises of the film was Chris Hemsworth playing a ditzy receptionist. This casting was pure genius.

The other surprise was Kate McKinnon’s character. Kate is a blast to watch and I don’t want to ruin the show by telling you too much, but if you watch Orphan Black and love the clone, Helena, played fabulously by Tatiana Maslany then you’ll see why I freaking loved Kate McKinnon’s character.
I truly enjoyed the movie from beginning to end and I want to see it again. Go see the movie. You’ll thank me for it.


  1. "Helena from Orphan Black!" That's exactly right!

    1. I'm so happy you saw the connection, too