Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Foils of Nature on the Family Car

I love nature and so does my husband, Dan. After growing up and living in Philly most of our lives, my husband and I were ready to live alongside the plentiful Jersey flora and fauna. We even built a beautiful pond in our back yard to encourage the visit of woodland creatures. Life was good as we added all types of beautiful trees and plants that attracted humming birds, bees and butterflies.

Then it happened!

My husband’s pride and joy...his GMC Terrain had been invaded...but Dan found out the hard way that this invasion had even taken place the day his car began to act up. You can imagine my husband’s surprise after taking his car to Jim Reid’s Auto Repair Shop. A few important engine wires had been chewed in half.

After the car was fixed, my husband was told to put some moth balls around the engine to keep all furry critters away from the engine and wires. The moth balls had no effect on the critters, but I began to smell like a dry cleaning service every time I used the car.

Killer Squirrel

After several trips to the Reid Auto Repair shop to repair more chewed up wires, my husband bought an animal trap. Dan’s mission was to catch the little bugger and drop him off in a park far, far away. He put the cage inside the engine, and inside the cage he placed a few crackers with peanut butter.
Then he waited. The next day, the cage was empty, but the crackers were gone. There was a note from the squirrel. It was a menu for its next meal. Jersey squirrels are known for their sense of humor, but my husband wasn’t laughing.
It took two days of empty traps and continuous damage to the engine wires before my husband finally caught the squirrel. It was huge. When caught, the squirrel was wearing a tee shirt that said, “Make my day!”


My husband took the squirrel for a long ride. He didn’t want the squirrel to easily find its way home. Killer Squirrel is now living at a nice park, and hopefully, Killer Squirrel has forgotten where we live. Just to play it safe, hubby is leaving the trap under the hood for a few more days.
I didn’t have the heart to tell my husband that I’ve recently noticed a few chipmunks surveying the car. I better get that box of moth balls from the garage. We might be very busy with potential squatters.

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