Saturday, December 16, 2017

Rockettes, Disney Characters & Snow Storms! Oh My!

I don’t get to spend enough time in New York City, but that will change this spring when I plan to spend a whole weekend sightseeing with my daughter, granddaughter and travel buddy, Tracy. This December 15th, the four of us had traveled by Starr Tours Bus to see the famed Radio City Rockettes. Were the Rockettes as awesome as promised? Meet me after the jump to find out

The Trip
Tracy and I had become good friends during my first trip to Italy where I signed up for the Leisurely Tuscany Tour. Tracy had mentioned that she’d always wanted to see the Rockettes and to think of her if I decided to go. After my grandson who’d finished his five year service with Marines and his wife, Kimberlea, moved back to New Jersey, I had the perfect reason to travel to New York. We booked our trip with Starr so we knew that everything for this adventure was taken care of.

As soon as we reached the city, the bus driver handed out maps and a list of restaurants to visit before the show began. On our way to find Planet Hollywood, we came across some Disney Characters who offered to take photos with us. Stupid us thought that they were provided by the city, but after taking a few photos of us with Kimberlea’s cell phone, they began to ask for tips. My daughter gave the main spokesperson five dollars, but they wanted more. Our South Philly attitude is no match for New York con games...and the characters backed off.

The sights and sounds of the busy Times Square area were truly exhilarating. I freaking loved the hustle and bustle of shoppers and workers as they made their way to their destinations. At Planet Hollywood, we had fun checking out all the memorabilia while we waited for our food. I would definitely return to this restaurant for the ambiance and the tasty food.
The Rockettes
I can’t say enough great things about the show. The staff and security made sure the lines getting into the theatre were organized and moving steadily. The dancers were fabulous, especially performing one of my favorite routines with the wooden soldiers. There was even 3D segment at the beginning of the show. If you haven’t treated yourself to this event, please do so.

When we left the theatre we were faced with a full-fledged snowstorm. Luckily we were able to warm up with some hot chocolate at Starbucks. Our bus ride home was longer than expected due to the nasty weather and unbelievable traffic. I will never complain about Philly traffic again.
I’m a big kid at heart and I love to escape the stress from this past year’s election. Traveling to the Big Apple with family and friend, and our seeing Times Square up close and personal was a real treat as was the Radio City Rockettes.

There is one final note on those Disney photo hounds. They are everywhere and, it’s up to you to say no, then quickly run away.

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