Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gettysburg: History and Ghosts. Oh My!

    After cancelling our trip, once before because of bad weather, our team leader, Jean decided it was now or never to make our way to Gettysburg to take in the historical sites and to do a bit of ghost hunting.
    The already cloudy day, when we began our drive, had turned into a "chance for showers" by the time we had reached our hotel, but armed with umbrellas we headed out Friday night to our first ghost tour. Having picked out a company which offers the needed equipment to search for spirits, we headed for the bridge.
    Sach's bridge is a covered bridge, and we were informed by our guide, it is known for paranormal activity. After spending some time on the bridge, we then headed up the trail, towards an old house which was used as a makeshift hospital during the three day battle at Gettysburg.
    It was late at night, cold, and the air heavy with the promise of heavy rain. Left alone to explore at our own pace, I headed towards the hill, not far from the house, with my ghost buddies, Jean and Rita.
    I was scanning the area with my flashlight, when I passed over a shape at the top of the hill. My reactions slow because my hand was cold from the chill of the night, I aimed the flashlight at the spot where I had seen the shape, but it was no longer there.
   Wanting to make certain, I had seen what I did, I turned to ask my comrades to shine their lights on the hill, but I was alone because everyone in the group had moved back towards the  house. After finding my friends, I asked Jean to take several photos of the hill in hopes she would catch something on film, but nothing showed in the photos taken.
    We finally called it a night and returned to our hotel to get some much needed sleep fot the next day's activities, but I was unable to close my eyes, because the memory of the confederate soldier kneeling on one knee, rife in hand, kept me awake and curious.
     Saturday, we decided to visit the Gettysburg National Military Park, surrounding ourselves in the history of the Civil War, and the 1863 battle of Gettysburg. The Museum and Visitor Center was worth the trip, and we had the chance to view the Cyclorama, a state of the art light and sound show depicting Pickett's Charge.
    Jean had purchased an audio CD and map for us to find our way around the many points of interest at the park, but unfortunately she gave the map to me. As my family knows from experience, never give the map to Marie, my sense of direction so challenged, I'm amazed I was even able to find my way through the birth canal.
   After several episodes of driving around in circles, we finally found Oak Ridge and from there
big round top.
   We braved the cold air and climbed to the top of big round only to be forced back to the car because of the heavy rains. The parking lot was deserted as it was closing time for the park and after climbing into our van, we were upset to find the battery dead.
    Girlscout that I am, I announced to my friends, "We'll be okay. We have snacks, water, and look over there, an outhouse. We can survive until help comes."
    My friend, Rita, not one to panic, calmly pointed out, "We have cellphones. We can call for help."
Lucky for us, two very nice gentlemen came to our aid and jump started the battery, and off we went to sign up for two late night ghost hunts, one at the Jennie Wade House and one at a former orphanage.
    Sunday was spent at the Soldier's National Cemetary, where Lincoln gave his speech at the dedication of the cemetary. Quite solemn, when you see all the unknown markers at the gravesites
    All in all, we had a great time, although a soggy one, and we'll be doing this again next year. This Saturday coming up, I'll  be attending a Witche's Ball, and will post about this soon.


  1. glad to see you finally got to go and you had a great time. Cant wait to hear about the witches ball!!

  2. Thanks Stacey for following my post and I will post about the ball, soon