Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween and the real monsters among us

Well I'm all set for the little ghouls and zombies who will be arriving at my door, little bags opened and waiting for the goodies I have to share. This year, I bought lots of candies and for the wee neighbors which live on either side of me, I bought special gifts.

As you know from my last post, my grandsons and I are very into the zombie apocalypse, and the methods of survival if a national or world wide disaster ever occured. I've been doing research on zombies because they will be featured in the second book of my trilogy.

Unless you're an Eagle scout, Army Ranger or a member of the Navy Seals, most people don't have a handle on how to survive if communication is halted, along with the delivery of food or fresh drinking water. People need to prepare by stocking the basic supplies, such as water, food, first aid supplies, clothing, bedding, tools, etc. I will get back to you with more info on this in my next blog,

The History Channel had a special on the history of zombies, and of course I watched, hoping for some further research material. It was very informative, covering what to expect if there was an uprising of the living dead, how to protect yourself from someone who is trying to snack on you, as if you were a tasty cupcake, and what weapons of choice best served the permanent disposal of said zombie before they sank their teeth into you, ouch!!!

The show also covered the medical possibilities of a zombie apocalypse. Think biological warfare and a new scary word, prion. Watch the show on demand if you can. Well anyway they mentioned this group called the Zombie Squad, don't let the name fool you, this is an organization which prepares for disasters, and they also host disaster relief charity fundraisers and seminars and are looking for responsible volunteers. I put in my application, today.

Okay, back to halloween and the little cutie pies who dress as monsters and go door to door. Bless them all, I love them, but if you've been keeping up with the news, you soon learn there are real monsters around us, no costume needed for them to destroy. I'm an advocate who fights against human trafficking as you can tell by my facebook profile. The story which has been in the news is about a form of human trafficking, used by the woman, Ann Weston, who kept people in chains as she colleted their social security checks. I'll leave her fate to the court and the jury, but we can all help by being aware of the signs of human trafficking. Go on the website of Somaly Mam and learn how to  stop all forms of human trafficking, and check out the Zombie Squad site.

Happy Halloween to all my little zombies and remember chain saws do work when in a pinch.


  1. Hi Marie! Nice blog you've got here! I'm glad I finally made it over!

  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement. My life is like a sitcom so there will be more stories

  3. That woman is one of the first who should be fed to the zombies should said apocalypse occur!

  4. I agree,this story has troubled me, especially since I advocate against human trafficking, the crime she is being charged with