Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lilith's escape

Lilith had always been a wild child and no one was able to control her, not God and definitely not Lucifer. Needing a much earned rest from the latest antics of his wayward child, the Creator decided to banish her to the realm of his adversary. Satan was not pleased with the decision.

“What did I ever do to get stuck with you, Lilith?” Lucifer hissed. She'd been nagging him for the last few centuries about her dislike of his stench, and even had the nerve to tell him how to run hell.

“Oh hush up, old fool. Am I not beautiful to look upon?” She teased as she sat on his lap. Am I not a worthier companion to you than the sinners that suffer in the pits,” she asked with a tilt of her head. She was mocking him.

 “You drove poor Adam crazy with your beauty and yet you would not let him touch you. Why?”

“I am the best of my Father’s creations, why should I be submissive to Adam, a mere human not much more evolved than the primates that swing in the trees of Eden?” She countered, as she gently removed the devil’s hand from her waist. “I thought my sister Eve a better mate for the man, but she was not able to stop the idiot from eating the forbidden fruit.” She gave the fallen one a yank on his ear.

“She wasn’t as strong willed as you. You were always able to out think me,” Satan countered, rubbing his ear. Up until now, Satan had been trying his best to woo her, but Lilith had always repelled his advances. Today she was playful. If Lilith was leading him on, Satan didn’t care. His only wish was for the smallest of kisses from this vixen’s ruby lips.

“I’m leaving. I want to find him.”

It was an argument Satan had heard one too many times. This immortal goddess had captivated the heart of every male that had the misfortune of glancing on her beauty. All who saw Lilith fell under her spell, but she loved only one. Satan had promised the Creator to keep Lilith in hell and away from her lover, but he felt her pain and was tempted to give in, “I could make you happy if you stayed here with me. Give me a chance.”

“I’m leaving old man,” she said, wrapping her arms around the fallen one’s neck. “You’ve been very kind to me, but I wish you would make up with the Creator. He would forgive you…Lilith planted a kiss on Satan’s lips and then slid from his lap.

“I’ll be in trouble for letting you go.”

“You’re in trouble already. What’s one more log on the fire?” Goodbye angel.”

She walked away from him. In his desperation to keep her near, if only for a moment, he asked, “Exactly how do you expect to leave hell?”

“Watch,” she chuckled, walking away from him and to her only means of escape, a pink convertible Cadillac.

This picture prompt was posted by Jen DeSantis on her blog site,
A Measure of Madness-Writing out my demons on her Friday Picture show page. Every Friday she'll post a picture and writers get a chance to come up with a flash story of exactly 100 words. I won this weeks contest. Check out her site at: 


  1. Congratulations! I didn't realize you had a "dark streak"!

    1. Only my blogs are light in nature, my stories are all dark

    2. Love your new page. Lucy