Saturday, February 25, 2012

Part Four of Lilith's Escape

Part Four:
“I was told, the person I want you to find, is now living in this time period. I have a photo, but it’s quite old, taken long ago without his knowledge.” She had released her hold on his hand and reached into the multi colored silk bag, which slung from her shoulder. After a quick search she removed the wrinkled black and white snapshot.
“It’s in bad shape, but I’ll see if I can have it enhanced a bit. May I keep this?” he asked.
“For now, but it must be returned as soon as you’re done with it.”
The sound of an approaching car caused her to turn around quickly. She seemed apprehensive, and he wondered why? After the car sped past them, she let out a deep sigh. “Is anything wrong?” he asked.
“Nothing I can’t handle,” she said, but then added, “I like to do things my way and have a tendency to upset the people in charge.”
He couldn’t help himself and began to laugh, “So do I. We’ll make a good team. My name is Edward Combs and yours?”
“No last name?”
“There is no need for one,” she replied, leaving him curious as to what and who she was. “Would you like a ride?” she offered.
Everything he ever learned in his years with Her Majesty’s Secret Service told him to run and not look back, but instead, he found himself saying, “Yes.”