Monday, July 23, 2012

Looking for Ghosts in all the Right Places

On Saturday, Rita a fellow ghost hunter and I had the opportunity of going to the Laurel Hill Cemetery to do a ghost hunt with the amazing Free Spirit Paranormal Investigators.

After paying the low price for this entertaining event, we took our seats and waited for the workshop on ghost hunting to begin. There were plenty of people there and we were all eager to learn the particulars of ghost hunting.
Frank Cassidy and Denise Vacca are the co-founders of this investigative team


The team includes Sue Beatty, Darlene Sharkey, Michelle Books, Christine Napoli, Claire McClean Kyle Cassidy (his son) and Anne (his wife). Here are some of the team.

Before we started our tour through the historic cemetery, we were shown a short film and then the workshop began with Michelle explaining the different types of hauntings.

Darlene followed and explained what the group must do before they even bring their equipment to the property of a person seeking their help. There are many questions that need to be asked so that the team knows what type of a spirit they’re dealing with.

Sue was the third speaker up and she explained about the equipment used by the team, which covered everything such as cameras, voice recorders, EMF’s to register the electromagnetic fields. It was noteworthy to learn that they make sure that the sightings or events are not caused by natural occurrences. 

Kyle presented some of the audio evidence collected from the different cases handled by the team. It really sends chills down your spine to hear a spirit’s voice captured on a recorder.

Frank took the spotlight and explained in more detail what is involved with their investigations and what unexpected results they have come across. They are careful not to accidently take home an unwanted guest or two and explained to the crowd how to psychically protect themselves before the tour.
Once the workshop was completed, we all eagerly headed out in three groups. Here are some pictures of this beautiful cemetery.
                                                  some impressive mausoleums
I did see something that night and informed Frank, who was in charge of our group. Twice I saw a dark shadow, no distinct shape to tell if it was male or female, but one was within fifteen minutes of our tour
The other sighting was further down the trail and this shadow was much taller. 

At the end of the tour, after spending some quality time walking through the cemetery, we were treated to snacks and wine, yummy.

I would definitely recommend this event the next time Laurel Hills offers it to the public. You will not be disappointed by the staff of the Free Spirit Paranormal Investigators. They are a member of the National Trust Historic Preservation.

If you wish to contact Frank Cassidy, go to or

Laurel Hills Cemetery has some great fall events coming up. Check them out at

                    Good booing to all my friends.


  1. Wonderfully exciting post, Marie. Creepy to be sure. With my luck, one of the ghosts would be looking for a new home, no matter how much care I took NOT to entice it. My daughter loves this stuff and watches Ghost Hunters every week. ~Victoria Marie Lees

    1. Thank you Victoria. I carry my rosary beads, holy water and St. Michaels medal whenever I go ghost hunting. The best part is I get to visit amazing places like the Laurel Hill Cemetery.