Wednesday, July 4, 2012

San Francesco Meets the Sisters


                                        My siblings and I headed to San Francesco today.
My sister Jane drove us to Vallejo to catch the Ferry that would take us to Fisherman’s Warf in San Francesco. Jane has a bad sense of direction.
            We got lost, but after several wrong turns, finally made it to the ferry.
Getting lost must run in the family. I’m always getting lost. My genetic makeup does not include a compass.
I’m so bad at directions, I’ve often wondered how I found my way through the birth canal, but this aura of cluelessness seems to run stronger in Jane and me.
The three sisters, their brother and his wife found the ferry a much more pleasant way to reach the Warf and we were ready to roll as soon as we left the boat.
Lucy, Joann and I wanted to shop, but Mike and Jane were hungry (this is a constant condition for the two of them). My sister Jane and brother Mike are very thin, but they eat like there is no tomorrow. 
                              We stopped at Boudin to buy some sourdough bread,
                                                               lots of sourdough bread.
After some serious shopping and a quick lunch, we decided to walk up several steep hills until we found “The Crooked Street” on Lombard.
                 “Is it far?” I huffed and puffed after walking up the never ending hills.
“I don’t think so,” Jane replied, but we should have known better. We weren’t on the right street.

After getting directions, we finally made it to our destination and walked to the top of the crooked street.
                                                              Jane leading the pack                                                                      
Once there, my brother and Jane decided it was time to eat again, so down the hill we went in search of Ghirardelli Square
                                                       and some ice cream.

After some more shopping, we made it back to the boat, but when we got back to Vallejo, Jane got lost again on the way home to Napa.

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