Monday, September 17, 2012

Dorian's Parlor and Steampunk Works Fashion Show


I have so much to tell you, dear readers. I had the best time attending Dorian’s Parlor on Saturday night.

As always, Gil Cnaan and his staff put together one of the best kept secrets held in the city of Philadelphia. What secret do I speak of?
Dear lovelies, it’s all about the world of Steampunk, yes I’ve written about this event before and I’m encouraging you to attend the next affair.
This time around, I was asked by the owners of Steampunk Works to model one of their creations and to be part of the fashion show.
                                          Lady Eleeza and Commander Cobert
                                picked out this outfit for me to wear. I love it, don’t you?

We arrived early at the Doubletree Hotel located at 237 South Broad Street where we met with the models. For the next few hours that little conference room was as busy as a beehive.
 The models, who were the most amazingly friendly and helpful people I have ever met, studied their scripts and prepared for the fashion show. I’m not too sure of everyone’s name and was only able to find some of the photos. If you were one of the models, please send me your name.
                                       This young lady played the mad patient at the circus
                                                          This young lady became the

                                                         Gothic Ballerina                                                                       
I felt like I was on the set of Project Runway as Lady Eleeza and Commander Cobert worked like magicians
                        pulling from their collection of Steampunk clothing and accessories
                      everything they needed to create the Circus theme fashion show.
The talented people who did the makeup and hair styles worked feverishly to do their own type of magic.
 I watched as they miraculously changed the very appearance of each model so that the girls became the character that they were to play on stage. 
I, my dear readers had a bit part on the show. I was the Steampunk granny who was entertained by beautifully dressed circus performers.

             Steampunk is becoming more popular, not only for young adults, but for people my age.

I’ll let everyone know when the next event is so that you can join me for a night of wonderful music, dancing, stage acts and fashion shows. I’ll be there with my friends in all our Steampunk finery.

                                                  Just ask for Steampunk Granny


  1. I adore you, Marie..and I love that you were a part of this event! That's just awesome. You look great! *hug*

    - Dusti

    1. Thank you Dusti. It means a lot coming from you because I always liked you. I seem to be having more fun in my old age than I did when I was younger, go figure. I have such exciting news about my writing to tell you. Send me your e-mail. Stay happy:)