Friday, September 7, 2012

Part Thirty-Two of Lilith's Escape


Edward was worried about leaving Lilith alone, but the dragon was agitated by his being in the bedroom. “Are you safe with him? Shall I stay?” he asked.

Lilith was holding on tightly to the dragon’s neck, speaking in a language that was unfamiliar to Edward even though he was proficient in many languages.
“Go, you’re making him angry,” she replied and then returned her attention to the beast. She spoke to it in a soothing voice, “I have caused you nothing but pain and have torn you away from your comrades. Hush, hear me out…….”

The dragon stamped its right foot in anger, for it suspected what she was about to do. “Never,” it cried out in agony. The dragon smacked its tail with such force on the marble tiles of the balcony, that pieces of marble sprayed the room. Lifting its eyes from Lilith’s face, the dragon became aware that Edward was still in the room. It let out an ungodly howl and shot a ribbon of flame toward Edward.
“Leave us…please Edward,” Lilith begged, but Edward stood frozen to the spot until she added, “He would rather die than ever hurt me.”


Edward backed out of the room and watched as the dragon pulled Lilith close to its body with its long spiked tail. When he had reached the steps, Edward turned around to check on Lilith and for a moment, a blink of an eye, he saw the dragon morph into a beautiful winged warrior, an angel who held Lilith tightly in his arms.
But it was the briefest of moments and then the warrior became a dragon once more and as Edward made his way down the stone steps, the sobs from both lovers echoed behind him.


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