Friday, May 17, 2013

Episode Sixty-six of Lilith's Escape



“Come to my office,” the commander ordered Edward and Scooter.

Edward wanted to have a moment with Lilith, but he was pretty sure the woman in front of him was not accustomed to waiting. So he followed her and Scouter down a dim lit hall way to where her office was located.
Ruth took her seat behind the desk and gestured for the men to grab the folding chairs against the wall. “You’re going into enemy territory tomorrow. Are you ready for this?” Ruth asked as she lit the tobacco in the pipe that she grabbed from the desk drawer.
Yeah, we’re ready to go,” Scouter replied. Edward nodded.

“I’ll have to say, the doc did a fabulous job on your face,” Ruth said to Edward.

“I’ll have to take your word on it, because I’ve been too busy to check in a mirror,”

“No, it’s good and the doc said that most of the swelling will be gone by tomorrow when you’re ready to start out.” Ruth leaned back in her chair and studied Edward as she puffed on her pipe. Edward felt like a bug under a microscope.

“How come the enemy doesn’t attack this place? They have to know that you’re here, am I correct?” Edward asked, hoping that she would stop staring at him.
“Oh, they know we’re here, alright,” she replied.

“So, why haven’t they attacked?”

“It might be better to just show you,” Ruth said, as she stood and placed her pipe into the china tea cup that now acted as an ashtray. “Come along boys, I ain’t got all day.”

As the men followed Ruth from the office, Edward asked Scouter, “Do you know what’s she’s talking about?”
Scouter nodded and said, “unfortunately.’  

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