Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gibbs, Grimm and Ghosts


Tuesday night’s just got a lot better with NCIS the original, followed by NCIS Los Angelis and finally Grimm.

On NCIS, Gibbs team was investigating the death of a Mossad Agent. Tony and Ziva are in a car crash and Ziva finally finds and kills the man who murdered her father and Leon Vance’s wife.
NCIS Los Angelis has Callen questioning Hetty about a woman who was attacked in a parking lot. Grace Stevens is an undercover NCIS Agent who was recruited as an orphan.
 On Grimm, the team is called in to investigate a murder and mysterious cow mutilations. Seems there’s a very pregnant Gluhenvolk who needs raw meat to prepare for her baby’s birth. The only problem, a collector is hunting the family to sell their bodies to the highest bidder.
And let's not forget Wednesday night's with my favorite ghost hunters, John Zaffis and his Haunted Collectors Team.
Haunted Collector had two great stories starting with people being shoved down the stairs of Lake Norfork Inn. Several farms and cemeteries were covered over by a lake and it might be members of the Maynard family that’s doing the haunting.

The second site that was investigated was the Pythian Castle located in Springfield Missouri. John Zaffis and his team try to figure out if they’re dealing with Nazi prisoners of war that may have been kept at the castle when it was used by the army during World War two.
                                           This is for Dara, who loves NCIS as much as I do

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