Saturday, June 22, 2013

Graduations and Grandkids: Gotta love them!!


This week was a busy and emotional time for me. I had two grandchildren graduating from High School.

On Wednesday night, I went to see my granddaughter Anastasia Janco graduate from Audubon High School with a class of about 150 children. Annie is on the National Honor Society and World Language Honor Society and has won mucho awards. Congratulations to my beautiful and smart granddaughter!

Her sister, Katrina (published writer extraordinaire) was in the orchestra that played for the ceremony.

                                                                   Annie with her family


                                                                   Annie with her friend


                                                        Annie with Mom

Thursday night I went to my grandson Jimmy Reid’s graduation. Here I am with Jimmy and my husband.

                                                                         Jimmy with his Mom

 He graduated from Washington Township High School with a class of about 500 children.

 Later we were able to take pictures of Jimmy with his Dad and the Marine Recruiter

  Here is Jimmy with the other graduates that will also be heading into military duty with the Marines. Wishing all these young men and women success and my love.
My grandson, who had been doing some serious research on the Marines, surprised his family with the news that he wanted to be a marine several weeks before his graduation.

 His brothers, Nathan and Josh were excited about Jimmy’s enlistment and are waiting to use his room to store their Xbox and Wii Games.
                                         His mother, on the other hand, is not so happy.

I’m not too worried about Jimmy; he knows how to protect himself and he’s on my team if there is ever a real zombie apocalypse.
Friday night, some of the grandparents, uncles and aunts went out to dinner to celebrate
 Nathan entertained us with his antics as usual. 
Congratulations Jimmy. We love you; Ooh Rah!!