Monday, October 28, 2013

Holy Macaroni!! I'm in a Contest for Best Blogger.

My friends and family always tell me how funny and interesting my blogs are, but they have to be

nice to me; I'm friends with ghosts and zombies. But when someone from England contacts you and

tells you that you've been entered into a contest with nine other bloggers, then that makes me feel

good about the stories that I write for Gilbertcuriosities and as contributing staff for Biff Bam Pop!

The Contest starts NOW, and I'm very excited. And, even if I lose to a worthy fellow blogger, that

is perfectly fine, because I made into the contest. Not bad for an old granny.

So please do Steampunk, ghost hunting, zombie fighting Granny a big favor, dear; vote for me.

Click on this site follow the instructions

and click on my picture.

             I'm sure you don't want my zombie clone to come around to remind you, right?


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