Monday, March 3, 2014

True Detective and Why I'm Hooked


There are television series that you can take or leave and then there is True Detective. This is a HBO series that has captured my attention and loyalty. I watch and study the two main stars Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey who play Detectives Martin Hart and Rust Cohle as though hypnotized. The stories are well written and the two actors have gone way beyond their normal limit of acting strengths and range, to make the characters that they play so much more alive and believable.
True Detective is crime thriller at its best. Last night’s episode called After You’ve Gone reunites the two detectives after a falling out many years ago. Rust Cohle has enough evidence to convince Hart to join in a secret investigation of a powerful family who might be responsible for the deaths of many women and children.
The main suspect is Reverend Billy Lee Tuttle, a powerful man with powerful secrets. Is he behind the molestation and death of children? Who is the Spaghetti Man? Is he the serial killer or is there a group of serial killers working under the cover of religion? And, who is the Yellow King?
See what I mean. The story gets under your skin and you can’t shake it. You find yourself cheering on the two detectives who are very human, full of faults, and have made this case more important than life itself. I’m hooked and like a dealer trying to sell the next high, I keep telling my friends to watch this show. Watch the show and let me know if, like me, you are held captive by this show.

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