Saturday, March 8, 2014

Meet The Aswang on Grimm

Holy Shape shifters! Grimm was awesome last night. Adalind has a daughter and regains her powers. Adalind’s baby is showing off her own accomplishments, so let’s pray that we won’t have too much competition between mother and daughter fighting for power.
                                                                 Sgt. Wu with Sam
An Aswang Ate My Baby was all about Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee), one of my favorite characters on the show, coming face to face with a nasty mythical creature that likes to eat unborn babies. Sgt. Wu’s childhood friend, Dana is pregnant with her first child. When Sgt. Wu is called to his friend’s house after she is attacked and found bleeding by her neighbor, we realize that Wu’s feelings run deeper than friendship, with Dana.  
                                                                        Dana in hospital
The creature that attacked Dana is called an Aswang, and it’s one of the scariest creatures I’ve seen on Grimm. Scared the hell out of me!  This creature reminded me of Gollum from the Lord of the Rings, but only nastier. This creature shoves its long pointy tongue through a women’s belly button to suck out the amniotic fluid and eventually the child. Yuck big time!
                                                  Nick and Hank at the hospital
Wu is suspicious of Dana’s husband, Sam, but he can’t put his finger on why, so he calls in Nick and Hank. Nick and Hank figure out that Dana’s husband Sam, although not responsible for her attack, is related to the attacker. Meet the mother-in-law.
                                  Dana's mother-in-law going after the baby a second time  
Yes, Sam and his family are Aswangs, but mommy dearest needs the life-force of her son’s first born child in order to live a longer life. Nick and Hank disagree on telling Sgt. Wu what he is really dealing with, and Nick’s refusal to warn Sgt. Wu has dire consequences.
Luckily mommy dearest is killed, but not before attacking Dana and Sgt. Wu when he comes to her rescue. At the end of the show, Dana, Sam and fetus are doing fine, but Wu is not. He’s institutionalized and living in constant terror of his memories of fighting the creature .
This is one time that Hank should have been more forceful in his conviction to tell Sgt. Wu everything, but, Nick made the wrong choice and lost a friend.

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