Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Great Times at the Supernatural Signatures in Burlington

                    Director Sharon Vincz and Steampunk Granny

This past Saturday, June 6th, good old Steampunk Granny, was invited along with several authors to take part in the Supernatural Signings Event held at The Library Company of Burlington. Located on 23 West Union Street in Burlington, NJ, this historic and beautiful library was chartered in 1757 by the British monarch King George the Second and to this day still continues to operate under this charter. http://www.librarycompanyofburlington.org/


The Supernatural Signings Event was overseen by the Library Company’s Director Sharon Vincz, who made sure that all the authors were easily accessible to the many visitors joining us that day. It was a great experience for both authors and readers.

Most of "Marti's Angels" were there to give Granny and the other authors lots of love and support. Later that afternoon the event was moved over to The Ghost Hunters Store located at 112 W Broad Street, Burlington, NJ. where refreshments were served and visitors had a chance to learn about ghosts and the owner, Dave Juliano


Dave is the owner of the store and has been a researcher in this field for over 28 years and he created the very first paranormal website on the internet back in 1994, The Shadowlands. He is also the Director of South Jersey Ghost Research/Sanctuary Paranormal which has been helping people with problem hauntings since 1955. He is the author of “Positive Energy for Haunted Homes”, “Ghost Research 101: Investigating Haunted Homes” and “Armor of God”. Feel free to visit the Dave’s bio page, The Shadowlands, Ghost Hunting 101
                               Angel Jodie & Medium Marti Haines                                              

Marti Haines is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master and the Assistant Director of South Jersey Ghost Research/Sanctuary Paranormal. She is also the Store Manager of the NJ store in Burlington NJ. http://theghosthunterstore.com/
                                                Laurie McCabe

                                                   Jan Bastien
                                      Karen Kimmel Timper & Bob Christopher

                                                  Herman Stevenson

                                                  Some of Marti's Angels:

                                      Marcia                and         Jodie                      
Sharon, Jean, Jodie, Marcia, Rita, Marie
Beth and Jodie
Jodie and Diane
Dick and Jodie
Janet and Jodie

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