Friday, December 21, 2012

Episode Forty-seven of Lilith's Escape



He couldn’t get enough of her blood, frantic, Edward bit into the flesh of her wrist to get at the warm liquid. He wanted more even though he heard her cry out for him to stop, but she sounded so far away and he was so thirsty.

“Let her go,” Tzaddik yelled out, but Edward ignored him, until something heavy hit the side of his head and all went black.
Edward heard Rita and Tzaddik talking. He tried to move but he was tied up and his head hurt like the dickens. What happened? He remembered that he was feeding...on her blood, but he had lost control…did he hurt her? He tried to focus on the room, but it spun wildly, making him dizzy. “Lilith”?

“Don’t move a muscle,” Rita ordered.

“Why would he would react this way? What went wrong?” Tzaddik asked someone. Edward heard the fear in the old man’s voice.

“Lilith?” Edward’s query was met with a swift kick to his side.

“Don’t move,” Rita warned.

“This wasn’t the first time that I fed him,” Lilith replied.
Thank God! She was alive. Edward turned his head towards the sound of her voice and called out to her. “Did I hurt you?”

Lilith and the Israeli soldier were arguing and Rita stood over him with her rifle aimed at his head. “For your sake, I hope you didn’t f_ _ _k up this mission.”

“Let me see him,” Lilith demanded. But as soon as she knelt next to Edward and touched his cheek, her sweet smell hit his nostrils and the blood lust hit, full force. “You’ll need to control your hunger, love, or they’ll kill you. Can you do this?”
Edward heard the click as Rita squeezed on the trigger. He shook his head, blinked his eyes, tried to get out of the madness he now found himself in and forced the hunger to the back recess of his mind. “I…I’ll try.”
Edward felt sick to his stomach, but he kept the hunger under control and watched as Lilith signaled to Tzaddik. The old man held a machete in his hand and as he leaned over Edward, warned, “If you try anything, I’ll kill you.”

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