Friday, December 14, 2012

Episode Forty-six of Lilith's Escape


Edward looked at the photo in the passport. It was the man that Lilith just recently sucked the life from. “So, how am I to get past their guards?” he asked Tzaddik.

“By using the dead man’s identity, you pretend that Scouter is your prisoner and make your way into the main headquarters in Philadelphia,”

“I look nothing like this man. I won’t fool anyone,” Edward countered.

Tzaddik pushed his chair back and stood up. “We can change your features, but we need to get you up to date on the man’s personal information.”
Edward closed the passports and threw them, the money and map on the cot. “If you’re talking plastic surgery, I won’t be ready by tomorrow.” He watched as Lilith gathered the tossed items from the bed and brought them to Tzaddik. Her nudity apparently embarrassed no one but Edward.

“Let me have a moment with him,” Lilith said to the others. It took Rita a few minutes to push her swollen body from the bed and then she and Tzaddik, left the room. “Come, sit on the chair,” Lilith instructed him.
“Why must I drink your blood?” he asked as he took his seat and she knelt before him.

She had ignored his question, but in her hand was a dagger, which had appeared from thin air. She jabbed the point of the dagger into her finger, and as her blood flowed, she repeated the process on Edward. “Drink,” she commanded and pushed her finger into his mouth. When he began to drink, she placed his finger into her mouth.
Edward drank deeply, wanting more and more of her life force, even though Lilith struggled to pull her finger from his mouth. He grabbed hold of her, pulled her into his lap and forcibly held her finger to his mouth. She used her free hand to push him away, but to no avail.
                                                 The blood lust had taken hold of Edward.


  1. Yikes! Marie, this is scary stuff to me...which is probably why I am a reality contemporary story writer.

    Good luck with everything and Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you Victoria and Merry Christmas to you too. As scary as my stories are, they're tame compared to what happens in the real world.