Friday, January 18, 2013

Episode Fifty-one of Lilith's Escape


While Rita was going over the details of his cover, two people entered the room. The older man went straight to Lilith and greeted her, while the younger man who looked about 17 walked up to Edward and extended his hand. “So you’re the man from the past, cool! My name is Scouter.”

Edward put out his hand and said, “So you’re the one that’s stuck with me on this project, nice to finally meet you.”

“Nice accent and good to meet you too, but you’ve picked a lousy time to visit.”

“It wasn’t by choice,” Edward replied and nodded towards Lilith who was still speaking with the other man. “Who’s he?”
“That’s Doc. He’ll be doing the touch up to your face,” Scouter replied. Scouter then moved closer to Rita and made a big production of rubbing her huge belly. “So when is the sumo wrestler gonna come out?”
“When he’s good and ready, now get your grubby hands off me,” Rita snapped, but Edward could tell that she wasn’t at all upset with Scouter.

“Edward,” Lilith was now standing at his side. “This man will be doing the procedure on you.

He could smell her blood and for an instant, thankfully a fleeting instant, Edward wanted nothing more than to bite into her flesh. He stepped back so quickly that he almost knocked over Scouter. He could see the alarm in her eyes. Would he never be able to hold her in his arms?

“They call me Doc, but I was a plastic surgeon for the rich and famous and now…I mend the broken bodies of our resistance fighters, or try to.” The older man's introduction had brought Edward back from the danger zone.
“I hope you won’t have too much work to do on my face,” Edward said and then put his hand out.

“Not too much, but we’ll need to get started,” Doc said as he took Edwards hand in his and gave it a strong shake. “Lilith has a way of persuading people to join her cause, but thank you for coming to the rescue.”

 “I’m good with electronics and computers, if you’re wondering what my specialty is,” Scouter said as he and Edward followed the Doctor from the room. As the three men walked along the underground tunnel, some of the smallest children began to follow them.
“Will you bring us something to eat, Outer?” the girl who looked to be about four asked. Apparently this was her name for the young man.
“I’ll try short stuff…I’ll try.” Scouter glanced at Edward and whispered under his breath, “If we don’t get eaten first.”

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