Friday, January 25, 2013

Episode Fifty-two of Lilith's Escape

Episode Fifty-two of Lilith’s Escape


“We’re a little short on the surgical anesthetics normally used for this type of surgery, but I have these,” Doc said to Edward.

“What are they?” Edward asked as the doctor placed the pills into his hand and then handed him a canteen to drink from.

“Something like the LSD from your time period, but just a tad stronger…you’ll be too busy tripping to notice the pain. Take them and lie down on that table.”

Edward did as he was told and then tried to get comfortable on the rather hard and cold metal table. “This looks like something they would use in a morgue.”
“It is…” That’s all Edward heard because he found himself falling through a tunnel only to land in the middle of what seemed to be a bizarre version of Alice’s Wonderland.
Lilith’s dragon was there and it wasn’t happy. Edward tried to run, but the beast blocked his way. When Edward tried to slip away, the dragon took hold of his nose and bit down hard. The pain was excruciating.

“You’ll never have her, mortal”, the creature scoffed. Edward felt his face only to find his nose was missing. “Your rescue mission will fail and you and these fools will all die,” the dragon added.
The dream was getting weirder by the minute. While the dragon taunted him, Edward could see his body lying on a burning pyre with the doctor (dressed as a knight) standing over him with a sword held over Edward’s neck. “You’re nothing but a hallucination,” Edward replied to the dragon.

“Am I?” The dragon raised its right foot and exposed its talons. As it made its move to strike, Edward heard a church bell ring out.
“They’re trying to break into our barricade,” someone yelled out over the incessant ringing. “You need to wake him, now!”

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