Friday, April 5, 2013

Episode Sixty-one of Lilith's Escape


It was dusk by the time the caravan climbed out of the subway station at Pattison Ave. They at least could use the cover of the trees and bushes to keep them hidden from the drones, which frequently flew over the city looking for resistance fighters, but if there were zombies in the area, the very same trees and bushes would also endanger the living from seeing the shuffling dead in time.

Rita was making her way back towards Edward and Bradley. As she waddled towards them, Edward wondered how she was doing; she looked so huge, so uncomfortable. “Lilith will lead with Tzaddik bringing up the rear with a few of the soldiers,” she told the men.

“Where do you want us?” Bradley asked.

“The three of us, along with some of the women, will protect the inner circle.” The inner circle she was mentioning was the children, the group’s most important cargo.

“Will you be alright…uh…you know?” Edward was attempting to be polite in pointing out the obvious.

“I’ll be fine. Just call me Wonder Woman,” Rita teased, but her expression revealed how worried she really was.

Edward could see Lilith at the front, near to the steps leading out of the subway. She was pointing to something on a map that Jones was holding in her hand.
 She must have sensed his eyes on her, because she glanced towards his direction and smiled. Edward and Lilith needed to talk, to touch base and maybe mend fences, that's if they made it to the museum, alive. 

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