Saturday, April 6, 2013

Grimm's Monster of the Week: Ziegevolk


I swear this show just keeps getting better and better. There were several plots going on at the same time, so hang on to your hats and try to keep up with me. Ready, set, go!


Monroe and Nick are finally settling in as roomies. Nick asks Monroe for a big favor. Take Juliette to the trailer to help jog her memory. Monroe, the ever gentle wesson, is hesitant to get involved in the soap opera love life of his friend, but he finally agrees to the favor. When Monroe takes Juliette to the trailer, she does begin to remember that she was here before with Nick, good, right? Wrong, she is confused and frightened by all the weapons and potions.

 Plus she’s hit with multi visions and multi Nicks talking at her. Upset, she and runs out of the trailer. Nick is crushed by the update from Monroe. My opinion; Juliette’s a fool. Nick is such a hunk muffin, that I wouldn’t mind a few of him hanging out with me.

Don Nidaria is a Portland Socialite and weson (lion) who is on trial for killing his wife, also a weson (mouse). Don the poster child for control freak and spousal abuse threw his wife over the balcony and to her death in front of a witness (the maid). But the killer has a slimy lawyer who is also a weson (Ziegevolk) This lawyer eats toads to enhance his power to control the thinking of the jury and witnesses.

What does this have to do with our team? Plenty Rosalee is on the jury and after being exposed to Lawyer Barry Kellogg’s psycho hallucinogenic mind tampering, she feels ill and this is how Monroe finds her when he returns from the trailer.

Monroe is court the next day observing the trial and becomes suspicious when the maid changes her testimony, after saying she witnessed Mr. Nidaria kill his wife. He follows the lawyer to the restroom and witnesses unobserved, the lawyer eat a toad. Monroe tells Nick and Hank and the next day all three are in the courtroom. Sgt. Wu is on the witness stand. He was the officer in charge when the case was called in and feels that Nidaria is a killer, but…after the toad essence from the sweat of the lawyer hits him, he changes his testimony. Knowing that they have to stop the jury tampering, Rosalee tells the guys that she needs the lawyer’s sweat to add to a potion and inject into one of the toads that the lawyer will eat the day of the trial.

The Plan

In a series of events that reminded me of the Keystone Cops, Monroe, Nick, Hank and a wesson friend trick Barry Kellogg into thinking he’s being attacked by a mugger. He runs away like the chicken shit that he is and right into the wesson friend of Nick’s who offers to give him a ride home. The lawyer is sweating and the weson offers him a clean cloth handkerchief (If you’re too young to know what this is then ask your grandparents) to wipe his face. The trick works and our team now has the secret ingredient to stop the Ziegevolk from allowing a murderer to escape. There is one little problem. How to get the potion into the toad?
Keystone Cops part 2

The last day of the trial and the jury’s verdict, Nick and Hank go to Barry Kellogg’s apartment to question him on the mugger attack. While they keep him busy, Monroe sneaks in to inject the toad with the potion, but there is one little problem; there are two toads. Monroe has to pick one toad to inject, but the toad escapees and he has to catch it while Nick and Hank do everything in their power to keep the lawyer from catching on. This was too funny. Monroe does catch and inject the toad, but will the Ziegevolk eat the right one? I’m not tellingJ You have to watch the show.

Juliette part 2

Juliette contacts the wise woman who told her that the cat’s scratch was a curse and asks for her help in stopping the multi visions of multi Nicks? Let’s hope that the shaman doesn’t mess up the love birds even more than they are.


Adalind is trying to seduce Eric, Renard’s half-brother, but Eric is only interested in the key. Adalind has failed to deliver what she was ordered to do and Eric threatens to inform the Grimm (Nick) who Renard really is. Adalind looks especially stunning tonight and Eric is curious as to why there is a glow about her. Can he tell that she’s pregnant? Don’t know.

Eric is unaware that Nick already knows the secret identity of Renard, which might help Renard survive his brother's treachery. Adalind may have bit off more than she can chew, siding with the evil Eric. I enjoy the scenes where Monroe and Hank help Nick fight the bad guys, be it human or wesson. Make sure to mark Friday night’s on you to watch list and make sure it’s NBC at 9 p.m.

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