Friday, April 19, 2013

Episode Sixty-three of Lilith's Escape


Lilith and the soldiers in the front began to fight the zombies while Edward and the older children began running towards the museum that could be seen in the distance. The little ones were scared and were crying. Edward picked up one of the little ones in his arms, while shouting to the others to keep running. Bradley was in the lead, making sure they would not be surprised by any zombies coming out of the bushes, but something was wrong. Someone was missing.

“Where’s Rita?” he shouted out to Bradley.

“I thought she was keeping up,” Bradley replied, but he had to keep the children moving.

Edward felt sick to his stomach and when he saw Scouter coming up with the last of the children, he turned over the boy he carried, to Scouter and said, “I’m going back for Rita.”
He ran as fast as he could, past the soldiers and armed civilians who were putting up a good battle, past the bodies of zombies who were cut down. But he couldn’t see Rita and called out her name.

“I’m here,” she called out, the sound coming from above Edward’s head. He looked up to see her wrapped around a branch high in the tree.
“How the hell did…” he was about to ask.
“Don’t ask…the baby’s coming, help me,” she pleaded and then began to cry.

Edward didn’t know how or where he found the strength, but he was able to get Rita down from that tree and then he picked her up and began moving towards the other soldiers.

“I bet you’re cursing the day you first climbed into that caddy,” Rita teased, trying to make light the dangerous situation they were in.
“On days like this, yes,” he answered, but when the sound of heavy artillery rang out in front of them, he added, “Now what?”


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