Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Actor Joe Parascand Visits Gilbert Curiosities


I’m honored to have a special guest on my blog today. Joe Parascand has not only produced movies, but stars in them too. I met Joe through mutual friends who own and design fabulous Steampunk clothing. Their site is www.Steampworks.com. They told me about Joe and that he was one of the actors in a new type of zombie movie called The Soulless. You can find the interview I did with The Soulless Director and Producer, Christopher Eilenstine on Biff Bam Pop.  But today we’re going to ask Joe about his character Sheriff Tom.

Marie Gilbert: Joe, I’m so happy to have you as a guest and I guess my first question is how you came up with the character Sheriff Tom and who did you base this character on?

Joe Parascand: Sheriff Tom is Ryan Scott Weber’s creation (as is Mary Horror) – I just brought him to life. I just thought of him (going by Ryan’s great script) as a Clint Eastwood type who’s on the wrong side of the law (at least most of the time)- a guy who’s got a very high opinion of himself and doesn’t like being crossed.

Marie Gilbert: When did the character, Sheriff Tom, first appear on the movie screen? Which film? Tell us how you developed the character for each film and is he more Governor (David Morrissey) or Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)?

Joe Parascand: First, Sheriff Tom was a villain in the first film of the trilogy called Mary Horror. Then he evolved into more of a maniac out for revenge against Mary Horror by the end of that first film and finally into a monster in both Sheriff Tom vs the Zombies and Witches’ Blood. In the latter 2 films, however, he became more of an anti-hero.

Second, I have never watched The Walking Dead so I have no idea as to how the Governor let alone any of their other characters behaves on that show-so I would not compare Sheriff Tom to any of them.


Marie Gilbert: You’ve just finished working with Director Ryan Scott Weber on Witches’ Blood, what role did Sheriff Tom play in that film?

Joe Parascand: Like in Sheriff Tom vs the Zombies, part 2 of Mary Horror trilogy, Sheriff Tom is back as a monster and doing his own killing. As the Mary Horror character, herself, is now back in the flesh for the final film of the trilogy called Witches’ Blood, Mary has stolen the spell book from Sheriff Tom and it’s now up to the Sheriff both to retrieve the spell book as well as to stop Mary who, with the book, could become unstoppable. Without providing spoilers, some nice twists and turns as well as a wonderful climax make Witches’ Blood the fitting ending to a great trilogy.
Marie Gilbert: Will we be seeing more of Sheriff Tom in future films?

Joe Parascand: It looks like Witches’ Blood will be the last film featuring Sheriff Tom Walker. You could also see him in Season 1 of Zombies Incorporated, a comedy TV Series (DVDs have been up for sale since October 2013) which takes place prior (time-wise) to the films of Mary Horror trilogy and in Season 2 of the same series if it were to be shot in 2014.
Marie Gilbert: If people are interested in seeing Mary Horror or Sheriff Tom vs the Zombies, where is it showing or is it on DVD?

Joe Parascand:  Here is the site where they can order DVDs for Mary Horror, Sheriff Tom vs the Zombies, and Season 1 of Zombies Incorporated http://weberpicturesstore.bigcartel.com

Thank you, Joe Parascand, for visiting with me and my followers. It was a pleasure having you as a guest and learning about you and your character, Sheriff Tom Walker and, to all my followers, keep your eye on a rising star and check out the films mentioned on this blog.


  1. great interview... we love your blogs.... Lee
    Steampunk Works

    1. Thank you Lee. I appreciate your support

  2. Even though I only met Joe,that one time,when I got to be a zombie in "Witches Blood",and only really know him through facebook,I can tell,that also he is a very talented,and also a nice person,and a good friend.I had so much fun meeting him,talking to him,and working with him,that night.I hope to work with him again soon.I am really looking forward,to seeing "Witches Blood".Again,I know I sound like I am repeating myself,but thank you,again,everybody,for working with me,and making that one night,a night to remember.I hope to see and hopefully,work with you all,as well,soon.