Sunday, January 12, 2014

Grimm, Season 3, Episode 10: Eyes of the Beholder


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

On the last episode of Grimm, there were secrets within secrets and Wesen coming out of the woodwork. Juliette has a friend staying with her. Alicia (Alicia Lagano) is a battered wife and at Juliette's urging leaves her husband Joe (Tom Walton) after a particularly bad beating.


Nick realizes that Alicia is a Wesen. She is a Fuchsbau like Rosalee.He mentions this to Juliette but tells her not to say anything to Alicia. Juliette is too excited to keep the secret to herself and tells Alicia that she knows what she is. Alicia tells Juliette that she's nuts and storms out of the kitchen. Alicia is upset, Juliette is upset and Nick just shakes his head. "Why did you say anything?".

Joe calls Juliette; he knows that Alicia is hiding there. Nick grabs the phone and tells Joe to use his head. You would think the dumb ass would keep away from his wife knowing that she is hiding at a policeman's home, but no...Wesen bullies are no smarter than their human counterparts. Joe is hiding in the bushes waiting to attack Alicia at the first opportunity.



The big guy is in love with his physical therapist, Zuri (Sharon Leal). He wants to be with her all the time. She feels the same way, but Hank hasn't been too lucky lately with his lady friends and is still recovering from his run in with Adalind.

Wesen Gangs

A young man, Jared (Dalpre Grayer) is at the diner flirting with the waitress who is his girlfriend. When he leaves to head home, he witnesses a gang attack on a man and woman.
The gang see him and are about to go after him, but another person walks out of the diner to see Jared speed off in his car, and the woman crying for help; her husband is dead. The police are called and from the older witness's description, they begin looking for Jared thinking he killed the man.

Surprise Surprise

When Nick, Hank and Sgt. Wu track down the driver of the get away car to his home, Hank is shocked to find out that Zuri and Jared are siblings.

Ouch! Zuri is not looking kindly on Hank when her brother is taken in for questioning. Jared finally admits that he is innocent and picks out the gang members from the police photos. Nick and Hank are puzzled about the whole Wesen gang scene and quickly head over to Monroe and Rosalee for advice.

So here is the second shocker! Rosalee knows everything about Wesen gangs because she went through a wild Fuchsbau naughty girl period in her life. But, the information that she has helps Nick and Hank with their investigation.  Wait I'm not done with my surprise. There's more.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Zuri and Jared are put in protective custody with Hank guarding them. But the Wesen gang has kidnapped Jared's girlfriend and he sneaks away to save her. While this is going on, Joe breaks into Nick's house and starts beating up on his wife.


Jared saves his girlfriend because he is a Wesen....Zuri is a Wesen, too and now there are three chewed up and dead gang members. Hank finds out that Zuri is Wesen.


 But...what about Juliette, you ask? Who knew that Juliette could fight? She beat the living shit out of Joe. When Nick walked into the room, Joe almost had a coronary because Nick was a Grimm.



Nick and Juliette know that Alicia and Joe are Wesen; and they know that Nick is Grimm; Monroe knows that Rosalee walked on the dark side, but he doesn't care; Hank knows Zuri and Jared are Wesen and he doesn't care; Zuri knows Nick is a Grimm and she's not happy. The only loser in tonight's show is Hank. Zuri dropped him like a hot bun. Poor Hank.

I absolutely love Grimm and with Dracula following immediately after, Friday night's just got kick-ass great.   Kudos to NBC


  1. I'm going to have to set aside some time to watch this series. Based on your review, it sounds like my kind of show!

    1. You'll love it Jack. It's a good cop/paranormal show with likable main characters