Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Day In The Life of Steampunk Granny


Get up…jumped out of bed…ran a comb… This past Tuesday, one of the nine grandchildren that I haven’t seen in quite a while flew in from Wyoming to spend some time with her grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins.

Kathryn is a quiet and thoughtful person and I’m guessing life back home is rather calm and organized. She was in for a big surprise with her East Coast family. There isn’t a calm or quiet bone in our bodies. My youngest grandson was also spending the week with us and this worked out pretty well because Kathryn had someone that liked doing the same things she did.

                                                           At the hippo tank                                                       

I speak South Philly, so it took Kathryn a day or two to understand my slang pronunciations, but with Nathan acting like a translator, we did perfectly well. Wednesday Dan, Kathryn, Nathan and I headed to the Aquarium in Camden, N.J.  Kathryn had been to an aquarium before, but nothing as big as the one in New Jersey. Wait until she sees the one in Baltimore.


We loved the hippos and spent more time at that exhibit before moving on to the sharks. I love this picture.
Kathryn, like me loves turtles and she was able to get one to swim up for this photo

That night we went to the mall with my granddaughter, Katrina. All three kids, clicked right away. They liked the same fashions, stores and spent most of their time in Spencer’s and Hot Topic.

The next day, I took all three to the Franklin Institute to see the Circus and Brain exhibit. Katrina and Nathan did well both on the tightrope and doing flips on the acrobatic section. Kathryn and I stayed safely on the ground.

Friday we headed to Atlantic City. Kathryn having been born in Montana had never seen the ocean. She loved it. It’s funny what we take for granted because it’s so close by ,and yet, it is a life experience for others.

Saturday was a book signing day for me to promote Roof Oasis and to continue to promote the South Jersey Writers’ Group anthology with Dawn Byrne.
Kathryn is a writer, too and was very interested in seeing the other side of writing and why marketing is just as important as writing the book. Nathan and Kathryn were a big help for Super D and I. Dragging two suitcases of books around can get hard sometimes, but Nate and Kathryn helped with the load.




  1. Nice, Marie. Kathryn and Nathan were really big helps at the book signing. Great day. Loved meeting Kathryn.