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Part Two of Steampunk Granny's Interview with Scream Queen, Genoveva Rossi


We left off with my interview of Horror Goddess Genoveva Rossi on her acting in a new film called Trailer Heaven. We will pick up where we left off.  Welcome back Genoveva.

Marie Gilbert: “We left off with the film you’re working on now, Trailer Heaven.”

Genoveva Rossi: “I’m also a Divine fan as well and I grew up watching those types of movies. John Waters is amazing!

As an actress I love to cross into unchartered territory and play a lot of different characters and work with a really wide variety of directors. I feel that is vital for me as both an actress and an artist.  I am committed keeping my acting work an adventure! I wanted to bring up that there were several films that I did that were not horror at all, for example, Apocalypse Kiss which was a sci-fi thriller that I did with Michael Berryman, D. C. Douglas and Tom Atkins and I also did comedies with Bill Zebeb called Scienceless Fiction, and Jesus, The Daughter of God, which were both quite funny.


                              Genoveva on the set with Stephen Baldwin                                       

The one film that was very different for me was Tapestry which was directed by Ken Kushner and that is a wonderful Christian film. It was an amazing and inspiring experience. I deviated into something completely different and it starred Steven Baldwin, Tina Louise from Gilligan’s Island and Burt Young from Rocky. ”

Marie Gilbert: “Where can people see Tapestry?”

Genoveva Rossi: “I don’t think it’s been released to theatres yet. He just wrapped that up pretty recently, but look for it soon! ”

Marie Gilbert: “Well then you’re getting calls for different types of films, now.”

Genoveva Rossi: “Well, that worked out well because I met a director on the set of a horror movie where we were both scene partners and that set led to Tapestry. Film sets often lead to more film sets in this business. I’m open to different genres. I don’t just do horror films and it was really interesting to be in this Christian film where there is no sexuality or nudity and people don’t curse provocatively…and it has a family message to it. This is something my mom would probably like. It’s a wholesome movie and I can certainly appreciate a film that embodies such values. Everyone was wonderful to work with on set and I had a lot of fun working on this. I am grateful for the opportunity.”

Marie Gilbert: How does your mother feel about you acting in horror films?”

Genoveva Rossi: “Everybody in my family has always known that I was obsessed with horror movies ever since I was a little kid. My father is probably the blame in that he introduced me to Budd Abbott and Lou Costello meeting the Wolfman and Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney Jr. When I was little I had one wall full of these pictures of these movies because that’s what I was into. Then my father and I got interested Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Barbara Steele, Ingrid Pitt and films like that, but when more modern horror films like Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th came out, he sort of lost interest.  He likes the classics like Hammer and Universal Studio Monsters. For me, my interest in horror just expanded and evolved! 

                                            Genoveva in the Enchantress                                        

Marie Gilbert: “Have you ever done Stage Shows?”

Genoveva Rossi: “Not since high school and college. I was mostly focused on short films in college, but stage was of greater interest to me in high school. At this time, it isn't something that interests me, but we shall see how things evolve down the road. I'm very committed to film at this time, but I'm also open to the vast possibilities that life can offer so it's possible if the right opportunity came up I would go back to the stage!”

Marie Gilbert: “Would you be interested in doing stage shows, now?”

Genoveva Rossi: “That’s a good question…I’m not sure if that would appeal to me. I have this reputation in film that's really growing and evolving. The Digital Dead, a UK magazine recently referred to me as one of the most well-known scream queens in the world so I feel like I need to focus on film.  Film is a fun medium; I like the screenings, the film distribution, the chance to reach an international audience, and being a celebrity guest at Horror Conventions and the interviews and the IMDb credits. It’s a different medium than theatre work. If someone asks me to be in a horror theatre production that would be running for a while, I guess it could be fun being the same character for weeks at a time, sometimes months. I'm open to the possibility.

It’s the opposite of film work where you’re the same character, but it’s during these little snippets of time. You’re hanging on the set rehearsing your lines and then being “on” while you film  your scene and then go back to eating your bagel and drinking your coffee. Then you have to be “on” as the same character, the same voice and the same appearance. You have to remember what you were wearing and be consistent because it might be five minutes later on the film, but actually the scene might be shot a month later in real life. I can’t drastically change my appearance until I wrap up a film. It's all about being able to go in and out of character seamlessly. ”

Marie Gilbert: “I never thought about that, but as a woman, you would have to keep your hairstyle the same way.”


Genoveva Rossi:  “Yes, I could get my hair trimmed so it stays consistent to go along with my current hairstyle until I stop filming, but every now and then, I do wear wigs. This is nice because you don’t have to worry too much. I do wear wigs in several films I had purple hair in Flesh of the Beast: Tsukiko's Curse and I have a black wig in Witches’ Blood, and long black hair in The Enchantress, which I star in and they are filming right now in Buffalo.
I have blond hair in the series In Fear Of which is playing in Italy right now before going to Vimeo on demand. I have a lot of different hairstyles including a short frosted wig that I wore in The Attack of the Brain People and it looks like Tippi Hedren’s hair in The Birds. That wig is authentic hair and was made in 1958, and my grandmother had it up in her attic.”

Marie Gilbert: “Did you travel to Italy for your part in “In Fear Of”?

Genoveva Rossi: “No, the series was filmed here in America, but they were able to get it distributed to Italian T.V.  Yes, it’s funny because sometimes the films that we shoot, the European market has an even bigger interest than the American market does! I know that a few of my films have a HUGE following in the international market. I have been to Italy though for fun of course and I would certainly be open to filming there or most other countries.”

Marie Gilbert: “I’ve heard that before and it’s amazing how shows will do better in the foreign industry. Tell me more about this series.”
Genoveva Rossi: “In Fear Of is produced by Scott W. Perry and I’m featured in four episodes and star in two. One episode is Fear of Sexual Harassment, and I have long blond hair and I fire an employee of mine who comes back for revenge. I had fired him because of sexual harassment. I looked good in the blond hair and looked very Nordic I must say.

In Fear of Blindness, I have my own hair and this episode is directed by Jeremiah Kipp, a very talented director and it stars Susan Adriensen, which is a friend of mine in real life, is going blind and I’m her best friend who is desperately trying to help her.”

Marie Gilbert: “This is so exciting. When will it be out?”

Genoveva Rossi: “It’s going to be on Vimeo on demand and people can watch the different episodes as they are released on demand. Two of my episodes should be released in June and  July, so I’m very excited.”

Marie Gilbert: “Which director so far have you found the easiest to work for? That you learned the most from?”

Genoveva Rossi: “I think I can go with two people that I felt I learned the most from. The first is Jeremiah Kipp and the second one is Christian Grillo. With Jeremiah Kipp, you rarely work with a script, but instead he would give you a treatment that was several pages long with the whole background of your character that you could really think about and bringing that character alive in your mind and giving you this distinct vision. I think Jeremiah understands the mind of an actor more so than a lot of directors do. Yes with his direction in films, he always has a good scope on what he wants the film to be. He has a keen artistic vision.


                                            Genoveva in Apocalypse Kiss                               

Organization is why I enjoyed working with Christian Grillo in Apocalypse Kiss. He gave me the script six months in advance and told me what days I would be doing my scenes. In every scene I shot, he had a four camera set-up and that means something because each camera captures every angle of your scene. Christian Grillo put in a lot of time and effort into the sets and the wardrobe, and it shows in the final product. I like both because of their organizational skills and because they have this distinctive vision of their film and how to achieve it. They are both great artists.”

Marie Gilbert: “Then it is important for an actor or actress to have a director that connects and let’s you know what’s expected.”

Genoveva Rossi: “Exactly, it’s the director’s vision and how you play your part and how say your lines can be done a hundred different ways. He/she understands the greater scope of your scene and your character on the film. Not all directors have an easy time communicating that to the actor. It's wonderful to work with a director that is also a trained actor.”

We are stopping part two of the interview here, but Genoveva Rossi will be back next week with part three of her interview. I want to thank Genoveva for being a guest on my blog. You can find Genoveva at these sites.


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Guest appearances: Meet Genoveva Rossi at Connecticut Horrorfest on August 23rd and Blood and Babes in Long Island Sept 12-14th

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