Friday, April 24, 2015

Our Secret Place: An Empath's Journey

I’m belong to a group of talented and compassionate people who have different levels of sensitivity and psychic abilities to the paranormal world. We meet once a week with our instructor, who is a medium, professional ghost investigator, mentor and friend. Her name is Marti and, we are her angels. She is helping us to recognize and build the powers within ourselves. Most people have this power, but are afraid to tap into it. This is why it's such an exhilarating experience to be with same minded and equally sensitive individuals. With Marti's guidance, we are growing beyond the limits of our physical beings.

This week’s assignment was to prepare ourselves for remote readings. An example of a remote reading is if I were to give a person an inspirational reading over the phone. Most of the group is already capable of doing a one-on-one reading in person using their Angel Inspiration Cards, but over the phone? This was a new concept to me.

                                       The cards that I use                               

Marti asked us to try an experiment. She wanted us to create a space in our mind of a safe, happy place that we could go to during the remote readings. She also told us this place could be anywhere. She described her place which was a room full of books and artifacts and a comfy chair. One woman thought of a place in the forest where the trees themselves were bookshelves. Most of the group picked places on Earth, but I’m the oddball of the group. I’d already had my happy place. Had it since I was a kid, but it was miles and miles above the Earth.


Whenever I think of a happy place, it is not on Earth, but inside a big sphere. It’s a spaceship made of glass and metal. It hovers over the Earth most times, but will travel to the ends of the universe, when I wish. I have books, many books and, a floating lounge chair to sit on and read said books. I’m not alone. I have two robots that make me cups of tea and, biscuits. They also make sure that we stay on course as we hurtle through space.

There are three Totem animals that have made their home inside the sphere with me. They are my spirit guides. Besides the tiger, grizzly bear and eagle, I also have a pilot.

                    It's GOD and HE likes to show me all the places he has created. Sometimes we'll even land and walk upon these other worlds, but some worlds are hostile and we don't go there. GOD keeps me and the Sphere safe from evil things.
This week, Marti’s angels will have to visit there happy place at least once a day for inspiration. We also need to keep a list of any messages we will receive while inside our special places. The tiger is the only one talking so far. He keeps repeating one word; explore. GOD agrees with the tiger. I think I’ll take their advice.


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  2. I like the 'place' you have chosen for yourself, Marie; adventurous & majestic! :)

    1. Thank you, Leo. It is a great place to hide.